New indoor grower - nutes and defoliation

First time indoor growing in my basement (no tent). Wondering if I need to add nutes and a question on sun leaf removal at the bottom of the canopy.

Plants are 4 weeks old
Soil - Fox Farm
Room temp 75 degrees, RH 42%
Water - distilled
Light- Bestva 1000 (currently on veg mode)

I have several fan leaves at the bottom of the canopy which are receiving little light due to overhead canopy. These lower fan leaves each have a branch with sugar leaves that are extended to the edge of the canopy with several sets of sugar leaves. SHOULD I REMOVE THESE BOTTOM SUN LEAVES? Also, I have never fed either with any nutes and they are growing great. Should I expect to feed them some nutes at some time in the future? I’ve attached a couple of pix to try and help.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Good morning! your plants look good! You should check the ppm in your run off. That will let you know if you need to feed. I believe if it is under 1000 you could be feeding. I will tag someone that could give you more advice. @MrPeat @kellydans @merlin44
Happy Growing :grinning: :v:
By the way any leaves that are touching the soil should be removed. :v:


Looking good Growmie, what’s your watering frequency and is that to run off each time? Testing the run off will let you know how much nutrients are in the medium. I start feeding at 800 and maintain 900-1000 PPMs in veg and bump that up to 1100 in flower. Shoot for the sweet spot of 6.5 with your PH. I would clean up some of the bottom, these lower bud sites won’t amount to much and removing them will focus needed energy above :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the tag @Flitme, I don’t have anything to add @OGIncognito seems to have it covered.


I have seen myfriend say to feed if you are reading under 1k ppm.

I never do this and with great successs.

@Jeffro64 As for the bottom. You can pull them off. Or you can run a Selective harvest. It will take longer, but you will get better haul.

What this means is when the top is ready, cut them to dry.

This will allow light and the middle will finish. Cut it.

Finally the bottom will get light and when ready,
Cut it. Then let it dry and cure.

I just did this and it took over 5 months to complete. I also achieved 50% amber.


Thanks OGIncognito! Will do. Thanks for your help. I will get these removed today, and start testing my run off. Much appreciated!


Thanks ! I haven’t been testing my run off for ppm. I will get the leaves touching the ground removed today.


Thanks for your insight on this. I certainly appreciate it!

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Tag me if you have any more questions Growmie, I may not have the answer but all tagged here can help :love_you_gesture:

As for watering schedule, I’m only providing 3 cups of water to each plant every 2-3 days. . Should I kick up the amount of water? I’m not soaking the entire 5 gallon bucket. Now that I think about it, the amount I’m using probably isn’t getting to the bottom of the root system.

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Their old enough for run off and the amount you put in will depend on weather you get the run off. Did you add additional perlite to help with drainage and holes in the buckets. Start watering slowly and you’ll want about 20% of what you’re putting in to run out the bottom. Catch a sample after about a cup has ran out and test the PH and PPMs. Soil like a wet to dry cycle :love_you_gesture:

Yeah , cleaning up around the bottom closest to the top of the pot is always good. Will Allow access for water and feedings much easier.
I’m with @OGIncognito has you covered. Good luck :v: Keep us posted !

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Yep, I do have holes all over the sides of the bucket including the bottom. I did add additional perlite when I set this up. Thanks again!

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Awesome, the denser the soil the harder it is to drain and get to the dry cycle :love_you_gesture: