New indoor grower how to set up grow tent


Hi, I am new indoor grower. Looking for advice on setting up my grow tent. The tent is 60X60X80 inches. Two 1200w LED full spectrum lights, a desktop 2 head LED full spectrum lamp. A carbon filter exshaust fan. The tent will be set up in a heated/AC basment. My first grow will be White Widow Auto. I did some hidden outdoor grow while in college, but that was over 40 years ago! I live a legal med/rec state.


Welcome to the forum! Your tent will probably be a little lacking on light, which models did you get?

As far as setup goes, I’m not really sure what you’re asking. But I’m happy to help if you don’t mind being a little more specific?


Welcome to the forum! @HearBob

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Thanks for the reply. How do calculate the amount of light needed? How much more light do I need? Does it matter how the lights are mounted? How are the fans are mounted? I am planning on 2 to 5 plants at a time. I went with the auto to take away a screw up as i learn. Went with LED lights to keep electric bills down as we have medical devices that need run 24/7

I am in the hospital right now and dont have access to my equipment right now. I will post my equipment list once I am out.



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You can cheat a little with light cycle on autos to hit Daily light integral, because they don’t need any specific light cycle to flower. However, the programmed life cycle sometimes makes them as or more difficult to grow than photos. If you already have the seeds, no sense worrying about that now.

You’re looking for a ppfd average of 600-800 umols per second per m². You basically divide total radiometric output of light over area. You can do more or less, but numbers I mentioned are where you’ll get best results without losing efficiency.

Ideally you want to bring fresh air in the bottom of your space and exhaust from top opposite side of your space. Also keeping length of duct and amount of bends in duct to a minimum. The exact location of fans doesn’t really matter if you keep that stuff in mind. There are sometimes variables that make that stuff matter a little more though.

Sorry to hear you’re in hospital too. I wish you a speedy recovery and good health. We’ll be here to help whenever you’re ready.


Thanks! Does the operation wattage matter. Mine are a 5W double chip design. Another reason I got the autos was because I was going to grow in my sunroom. The room does get a fair amount of shade from a 150ish year old oak in the yard. I am going to have brush up on my phyics, I am unfamilar the terms on the light. Should help keep the boredom away.


Natural light will help. All of the lights are different, but most of the lights using colored diodes available on Amazon or Ebay type stuff are way over advertised.

If you have the time reading up some on horticulture lighting would probably be a big help. There are some good articles around, I’ll see if I can find any for you.

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There are some good articles here


Welcome to the forum @HearBob. @dbrn32 has given you homework on the first day! Not cool bro lol. Hope you have a quick recovery :v::bear:


Congrats on the new tent! I have only been her a few, but these guys and gals will steer you in the right direction! There is a ton of info on this forum as I have been reading non stop for days in preparation. Have fun man! Wish Ohio would just legalize for recreation already… Oh well welcome to the addiction hope your hungry they gonna feed you here…

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Thanks. I went to school in Columbus There are some rec dispenseir to hopfully to open June/July in MI. Come up and go fishing :hugs:


I’m not sure how I should feel with you Ohioans invading my state… lol. Jk come across the line of freedom. @HearBob

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How much would I be short? I am studying the light terminology, until I get it down I am using wattage.
@ 50W per ft^2 50W X 25sqft = 1250W
@ 75W per ft^2 75W X 25sqft = 1875W
I have 2400W between 2. 1200 overhead LED lights. 1047 umol/m^2 @ 30.5 cm, (12 in.)

Am I on the right track in calculating my light requirements? How many ft^2 per plant should I allow, 2 ft^2?



Probably not. When you use that method you should be starting with the actual power consumption of the fixtures. Most 300w lights aren’t 300 watt lights. That is why I was asking which model and how big your space is earlier in thread

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Hi @HearBob! I’m just dropping by to say welcome, and get well soon! Congrats on your new addiction…err, hobby :v: :smile:


So now I am lost. Tent space is 25ft^2. I believe the actual power consumption is 240w. There are a 120 LED cells so 120 X 10w gives me 1200w

So what is the 240w for<


240 watts actual consumption sounds about right for typical led panel like that.

Those LEDs aren’t running at 10 watts per diode. They are 3v with max current of 3 amps, which classifies them as a 10 watt diode. But the actual drive current is probably between 500ma and 700ma, which puts them at about 2 watts per diode.

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That makes sense. I get go home today will post more info when home. How much more light do you think i need?