New indoor grower, a little help


Ok so I wanna start with saying I’m excited and honored to be here and able to get help from good people like yourselfs! Now I have never grown personally but I have helped countless friends take care, trim, water etc… there gardens, I love everything about it from being a seed to the finishing outcome that ol dank “ yea baby” :smile:… all’s I can say is I want in but I want in the rite way. I have seen so many crops go to s*** and not come out the way it is suppose to and I do not want that to happen to me at all so that’s why I’m here. Thanks again everyone

So to start out I have

I know I need a carbon filter to suck out the hot air and smell, also a digital ph stick and some FF soil, What else would you guys and gals recommend and how many play do you think I can fit in my tent? Also should I use the grow lights? Or the LEDs? I was thinking about growing some OG kush what do u think?


Welcome @N3wYOrk3R! I like that you went with that large of a tent. It gives you the option of growing a number of plants, or leaving yourself a lot of room to maneuver and do work on down the road.


Yes @GetbackJoJo I know how difficult things can get down the road so just wanna be Ready for anything, also I know strains are different some wide, some long


Like I’m trying to figure out do I really need a carbon filter rite away or can that wait? Also on the lights can I use 2 and 2 in my tent two lights two LEDs?


Hi @N3wYOrk3R, and welcome to the forum. I’m guessing you’re a New Yorker, so you’re a neighbor. I grow in NYC.

You don’t need a carbon filter right away, only once it starts to smell and also to help with heat.


@raustin ok thanks a lot I kinda figured that, and hello neighbor! So after looking I think I’m gonna go with the super skunk. How many do u think I can throw in the tent


That’s a nice big tent, are you sure you want to fill it for your first time out? I would think you could get 6 big plants in there comfortably.


@raustin I don’t want to fill it up to the T, was thinking about 5. Hey I see you in Manhattan? I love the haze there omg it’s the best I need to get my hands on that strain but i don’t think they have it on ilgm and also I have no clue what strain of haze that is do you? I’m in western ny up near Buffalo


I think you’ll be fine with 5 plants.

Yeah, we do have some good weed here, of course, it’s not cheap though. I’ve been trying to find out what the Haze is too, so I just grow lots of Haze. Right now I’m growing a Pineapple Haze. You should try the Amnesia Haze, it’s one of my favorites and an easy grow. Buffalo is great for summer grows, not too hot like the city.