New indoor grow setup ?s

@Low @Covertgrower @Nicky yall have helped before so tagged ya for advice. Mention anyone else that can help if I missed

Ok so I bit the bullet and my indoor setup is on the way!! I’ll list what I got below if it looks like I’m missing anything let me know.

Tent- AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844 Advance Grow Tent, 4x4

Lights- 2x hlg 350r’s

Cfm- ac infinity cloud line t6 along with the ducting and carbon filter

Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor 2-Pack

BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector with 7-Day Digital Timer (4 Outlets Timed, 4 Outlets Always On

7 Gallon Plant Grow Bags, Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles

Plantonix Coco Coir Brick, OMRI Listed for Organic Use

Jacks part a&b

Then I got fans to circulate the air and couple other little things like zip ties, uv glasses, calimag. Already got the apera ph20 and a ppm/tds pen. Gonna grab some elevators locally

So the questions I had are…is there a difference in epsom salts? I was gonna order but then some were listed as agricultural which I didn’t know if I needed? If there’s one ya recommend let me know. Also I read somewhere that “armor si” is used with jacks what is it and do i need it?Read up a little a bit about the jacks feeding and that from what I read it looks ok to feed from seedling to harvest the same mix/strength all the way through the grow, is that correct? Other question I got is I went with the 7gal pots as I already have a few 5g pots but will the 7s be to big ? Ok that’s all I got at the moment but I’m sure I’ll have more. If anything jumps out that I missed or will need let me know. Stuff should roll in this week and beginning of next week so as I get it all together I’ll share the progress. Excited to try the indoor! Thanks in advance

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You don’t need calimag

Epson salts are magnesium sulfate akak Jack’s part C (3 part system + 1 part for booster is known as Mkp) the highest quality Epson salts and the cheapest you can get sometimes are from your pharmacy because they are a first aid/medical product. I buy mine from a bulk supplier and jacks has bulk to so whatever works for you.

Armour si is a silica product which you should definitely use a silica product. I prefer Agsil16H (dry amendment that is highest concentration) but any silica product is better then none.
Due to the fact coco/hydro doesn’t have silica in it while soil does.

I would suggest monkey fans for internal fans, 30w NON OSCILLATING.

5 gallon is all you need 7g is not needed.

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No, as long as it’s unscented you’re good. I bought 10lbs off the shelf at Lowe’s, I still have it.

Silica, while not necessary, some people use it, some don’t. You can purchase diatomaceous earth top dress it, or dissolve it in your nutrients. Powder is the better value, than liquid.

I started out in 5’s, and I’ve moved down to 3gallon for inside. Plenty of room.


This is a good budget option if you choose to top water, it doesn’t work with people in hydro system or autopots like myself but if your a top feeder this definitely could work.
I would suggest mixing a bunch into your coco when you fill your pots as well as top dress.
Also add some vermiculite or perlite at 30% this will be ideal for airey medium.

If I still had DE I would probably mix it into my coco

Do you agree @Covertgrower

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Didnt see referance to any meters. Ph pen and TDS meter are important.

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Got the cal mag to buffer the coco brick or is that unnecessary. Read like it was washed on Amazon but was unsure :man_shrugging:t3:

Yep got those already. Apera ph20 and ppm/tds/ec pen as well


Not necessary, if your coco is buffed… Know your coco it may need buffing

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Well this is what I got…

Plantonix Coco Coir Brick, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (5 Bricks) : Plantonix Coco Coir Brick, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (5 Bricks) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

But was on coco for cannabis and looks like they buff it on there which this is the one they recommended

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So add definitely add perlite ? I’ve also seen recently it seems a few guys say it’s not really needed as coco drains really well with out it and it may just retain water slightly longer. Like water every other day maybe

If you’re top watering I think you’ll be fine either way, just know that adding perlite will increase your watering frequency. If that’s not an issue for you it certainly won’t hurt.

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Yeah I will be top watering… the every other day watering sounded good as I figured maybe that be less of a chance I screw something up :sweat_smile:


Yeah I have a Gelato Auto running in Canna Coco presently (no perlite).

I didn’t plan on it when I set-up that bag, but ended up moving to Autopots with @Nicky 's help. In hindsight I would have certainly added and will when I up-pot my other plant, but the straight coco seems to be doing well even with the Autopot set-up right now.

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If your top watering add vermiculite
The issue is coco can compact and the vermiculite helps the roots breath and creates little gaps for the roots to wiggle through.
It will also help with a bit of w as Ter retention and possibly less cal mag ussage… I think I don’t use it I use autopotd and thus I like perlite because it keep my medium less damp since its always sitting in water


Hey one other question I had was is there anything that needs to be done to the fabric pots to reuse them? Like do they need to be cleaned soaked or sterilized? Sorry if that’s a stupid question :joy:

Buy cheap ones and consider them disposable… Honestly…

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Buy mesh ones from a company like rain science if you find the fabric ones hard to re use but I have reused my fabric ones for. 3years no issues.

Don’t just throw them out it’s so wasteful for the environment! Ugh

Yeah I was hoping to reuse. So do you clean the ones you reused? I was thinking they should be fine if I did like a soak in boiling water right?

@Nicky Yeah I was hoping to reuse. So do you clean the ones you reused? I was thinking they should be fine if I did like a soak in boiling water right?

I think they are made from spun plastic of some kind. I don’t know at what temp they might fuse together. I soak mine in warm water with Oxiclean for a day. First let the pot and any roots stuck to it dry . Then scrape the roots off. Much easier to do when dry. Rinse it well and you are good to go. Oxi breaks down in part into hydrogen peroxide with is a good antimicrobial.