New I‘m on my first grow!

To start setting the background I’m using a 4’x4’ Gorilla tent. That actually brings me to my first question which is, how often do you run into ceiling vs plant height issues? I was planning on installing the 1 ft. Extension but am wondering if I should bite the bullet for the 2 ft. Extension? Are they stackable? My lighting plan is 2 ES300’s.

I’m going to have lots of questions so thanks in advance to anyone who cares to contribute, critique or supply info/answers.


Hello @Guitarguy and welcome to a really active forum. Nice, knowledgeable bunch on here so expect a heap of answers shortly. Can’t offer any advice regarding tent extensions as I use a loft tent that fits perfectly. Just wanted to say welcome and throw in a bit about training. Have a look on here for LSTing, super cropping or fimming. There’s loads of info on how to control your height. I’ve cut and pasted a support ticket. It let’s us see what’s going on with your grow as well and will help with other issues you might encounter as your grow progresses. Good luck and happy growing.

Here is a support ticket. Fill it out and it will help get specific help.

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so; Or post
NA (non applicable)

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
  • Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
  • Co2; Yes, No

Always try to upload a clear picture of any issues you may have to allow the community to assist you.

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer should be included. Feel free to elaborate, but short and to the point questions and facts will help us help you in a more efficient manner


I have a 4x4x80” tent and every single grow I have 75” tall plants. I grow monsters.


@MrPeat I’m the same. Mine are like trifids and I swear next time I’m going to control the height a bit better but I never do. I just love watching them grow :sunglasses:


The taller the better!
Welcome to the forum :grimacing:


When all else fails stomp the plant down for an aggressive approach to training lol. <-----joke
60" was my first tent and way to short. 80" is great


Thanks very much Mr. Peat and Davey G. Looks like I’ll be ordering the 2 ft. Tent extension as well! IMO I’m better off doing that now rather than at the middle or end of a Grow. It would also seem to be a lot easier at add at setup as opposed to any other time.

Does anyone know if I can assemble the tent AND the tow extensions together?

Has anyone used the Electric City ES300 v.2 lights yet? They seem to meet all of my needs, but I’d sure like hearing from those of you who’ve actually used them. I spoken at length with Robert Bergman an I have to say that really appears the they’ve left nothing to chance.

I haven’t even opened the tent box you and don’t want to until I’ve got everything I need.

SEEDS - I’m going to plant a variety from the seeds below an assume that I’ll lose one-two during the process otherwise it’s going to be mighty tight in there. I’m going to start 6, which I can do by State less since I’m a medical card holder

Here are the seeds I have on hand so far:

Northern Lights

AlaskanThunder Fuck

White Widow

Gorilla -

Bruce Banner

24 K Gold -

Grape Ape

Primarily fems with a few autos mixed in.
Along with a few unidentified freebie seeds.

Does anyone use tray mat heaters? If so is there a controller that allows up to 4 mats to be plugged into it?

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That blue dream is a beast (love that strain) , I have similar size tent . I seem to have the grow down for first indoor tent . Just need to grow em bigger :+1::+1:

Why would you want 4 mats running ? One tray is large enough to start seeds in a humididome.

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I have the same tent and did not install the extension. This tent is taller than my last and I’ve not run into height issues…yet. I usually top or FIM to help with plant height. I looked for Electric City lights and could only find Electric Sky. Are they Electric sky v2? If they are two would be awesome in that tent.

Thanks Betrayed Soul. This (obviously) even if unnecessary. It gives me options for rearranging growing plants and the ability to create an isolation zone if needed.

Bubblehead - thanks for the correction. My lights will indeed be Electric Sky ES300 v.2.

I’m also trying to decide about irrigation options that allow me to be able to leave for a few days would be ideal and I’ll have a HD camera recording continuously to be able to take a peek whenever I need a smile. I’ve waited a long time to have this opportunity. I didn’t necessarily consider any law enforcement issues however I had a high level clearance and was subject to random drug tests as well as polygraphs which would have made unemployed instantly. Thankfully things are different now.


Thanks abetted Soul. I was thinking long term in terms of options. Sometimes common sense is not so common. You are perfectly correct. I can add as I need to as things start happening. Thank you! Less complicated is always better.

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I have a really simple irrigation system. I use the autopot valve and cover. I also have two 4 foot greenhouse trays that take 3 pots each. I use a water butt that holds 20 gal. I plumbed it all together, the autopot valves hold the water at a nice level in the trays, just need a small weight to hold the autopot valve and cover down or they float. I can leave that for 3-4 days


Lights should be perfect for that tent, @dbrn32 would know best, but that should be enough to get some great plants off

Did you already buy these? There are better lights for less money.

No. I figured I’d leave the lights as the last item I procured. So no investment as yet. I would love to hear your input. Thanks very much!

Mine will grow way too big to flower in my growroom lol! Ill be hacking them continuously until I can place them in the greenhouse! There they will go from 4 foot bushes to hopefully 12 foot. Started in January and should be harvested by mid to late November?

The Electric Sky 300 v2 is like $700 each and you are thinking of 2 of them? That’s a whole lot of unnecessary cash spending. I would just go with a 600 watt HPS with air cooled hood for less than $300, more than enough for the 4x4 tent. I know everyone is pushing LEDs these days but many of us do just fine (or even better) with a good HPS system, and can swap in a metal halide bulb for great vegging.


Thanks Hellraiser, that’s extremely interesting especially if i can get the results. The cost part is a no brainer! More research in store for me. Thanks

You can do two qb 260 xl kits for almost same price as one of those fixtures. More than 10% increase in efficacy and half the price.