New house New grow

Starting a new grow journal after a couple of years of not being on here but I’m back now!!

Got 3 purple cookie seeds
Got 3 Kosher Cake Auto
1 animal mint
1 purple punch

Pictures will be coming soon. Started around October 17th so about two weeks into the grow.

Got them in a mixture of worm casting and potting mix in a 12oz styrofoam cup.

Looking to transplant them soon maybe I’m the next week or so. Gonna put the autos in a 3 gallon pot because they are growing super fast (first time with autos) and a 5 - 7 gallon pots for the photos

Growing 4 in two 32 x 32 grow tents my plan is to stuff the entire tent with leaves.

Pictures coming soon.


Fast fast. Hoping the 3gal pot is their forever home though. My experience with autos is they really only enjoy one transplant and sort of…. Hate you indefinitely if you try a second one. May not be the same for all autoflowers - mine were resilient to other stressors but not that one for whatever reason.

Well dang! Welcome back. Definitely too new to know ya but it’ll be fun to tag along with the grow.


Congratulations on the new house and welcome back.


Congratulations on the new house and welcome back. Will be watching it

Happy growing

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First one up is Fast Budz kosher cake pheno 2 (Will be calling this strand FBKC) looking very pretty I dropped all these seeds around October 18th and 6 of them cracked on oct 21st replanted two others seeds and they cracked two days later. All Fast budz are currently in flower. They switched to flower nov 29th

FBKC pheno 1

FBKC pheno 3

Purple cookies photoperiod

For this tent this is my first time with auto flowers and I’m wondering why they are so small. Maybe I let the soil get to dry, maybe I didn’t put the compost tea in early enough, maybe I shouldn’t have top or prune so early, maybe my ph was off for a while, maybe I transplanted too late and some of the roots are damaged. I’m not sure. But they are small but seem very healthy. Temp stays in the 75 - 86 degree range with 30 - 40 percent humidity because we are in flower that other photo just gonna have to tough it out for a little while. I spray them daily with water to stop the tops from drying up and just to make sure the plants are drinking right. All I did today was just look at them and a bit of light defoliation to make sure bud sites are all being hit with this light I have.

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Nice training and they like it

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Just finishing up the first tent gonna post the second one in a couple minutes.

Blue cookies pheno 3 she seems very healthy but I don’t know what this yellowish burns on the sides of my leaves. I have these nicknamed PK (named them after my girl just cause I was bored but know that PK stands for blue cookie I thought they were purple cookie at first but I doubt that.)

Purple punch this one looks super healthy and happy

Blue cookie pheno 4 (nicked named this one Kk4 after my son just because) insane growth and incredibly happy and I named it after him for good reason this one might be the best girl in my tent by far.

Animal mints - If she not the best she is for sure the runner up this lovely girl is exploding with growth ever since I introduce compost tea.

Compost tea practically saved my garden this is the most vigor and growth I’ve gotten out of s weed plant so far but also this is the first slightly expensive setup I’ve had for this normally just grow in an open room I could afford tents and properly lighting now so it shows.

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Hey been about three years :sob::sob::joy: but I’m back follow my grow set up way better than before. If you don’t remember me it’s fine it has been damn near three years.

But new grow series and first time with auto flowers!


Thank you and yea I think I’m not going to transplant they should have enough room to yield me at least 2 oz per plant well that’s my goal at least.

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Thank you


Thank you :pray:



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How can i help

Good luck with these. Not sure how old the plants were when started to flower but this can often be story with autos. Limited veg time can have them flowering while still pretty small.


What is the burns around my blue cookie pheno 3 leaves some have them but not all. Is it nute burn or light burn?

Autos are about 7 weeks old. Well they all are.

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Plants look more tamed and even

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Wakey wakey

Think I’m going to lower the light in this tent I want the girls in here to get big and dense because I know I don’t have a lot of bud sights or length to them.


Little update.