New homemade system


Started this little system on 1 Feb. 15 gal tote, 4 3" netpots, expanded clay pellet media, General hydroponics 3 nutrient schedule. 4 bag seeds, came from some K2 that was pretty good. I have an order placed for some ILGM fem. AK47, so that will be my next project. I have discovered that my system is a little too small for 4 plants, i’m thinking 2 would probably be better, maybe 3. Using 2 Lighttime tunnel Leds, 3 airpumps and stones in the reservoir.

This on on 13 Feb.

Last 2 pics are 24 Feb.


Thanks for sharing. I am sure you know r=that with plants in that tight a space, you need to keep the fans moving air so you do not develop mold mildew or other environmental issues. :slight_smile:
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I don’t see what your experience is but, I am a Gh 3 - part expert and I am willing to help if you need me :slight_smile:


Cute and simple. Kind of cramped though. I have a 4 site DWC that I grow 2 in, and with only a month or so to go they are cramped.

I didn’t see any level indicators, drain, or fill port… Makes life soooo much easier having those. I added them to my simple buckets at a cost of about $6 per bucket and 10 minutes of time each. One of the best investments I made in my DWC setup. Now, they are also ready for a quick retrofit to make them an RDWC if I so choose.

Good job! Happy growing!


FloraNova series? I may have need of your sage advice down the road. Just finishing my first grow with it. Everything is coming out fine, but it is good to know a wizard is on deck.:v:t2:


Well then, perhaps I should start a discussion thread for you 3 - part users. :slight_smile:


Lol… As an admin you do whatever you want to do. I’ll tag along. My greatest need for info is regarding its use with the Gold Leaf strain. I posted a thread hoping for any advice, as I’ve never grown Gold Leaf. It’s here:

if you want to jump over. Or, I’ll follow you around like the obedient puppy dog I am. :smiley:


please do!


I have a port on the left side, hard to see on the pics, but i can check the levels easy. I have a sipon system that i use about every two weeks to drain and replenish the nutrient solution. I consider myself a beginner, i was an AG science guy in college, worked landscaping a bit after i retired fromthe Army. I quickly realized that i have a crowding issue, i have to do a redesign, but that’s the beauty of being retired, i have a lot of time on my hands, lol! At the end of the year, my daughter is moving out, and her room is becoming a dedicated grow room. Can’t wait for my ILGM feminized AK 47 seeds, i am really looking forward to that grow! Thanks for offering the assistance, Latewood! I will definitely be shooting you questions and following your postings!


My plants are just over 13 "tall and pre-sexing is starting up. Do you guys think i should continue veg state for a while or go into flowering mode? From what i can tell, i don’t think these will get very tall, they are short, compact, and bushy as all get out. I think the buds will be on the smallish size, but for now, i’m just in a “corner of a walk in closet” area.


Strain? How many weeks in veg?

Remember the “stretch” can double, triple, or even quadruple plant size depending on the strain. I veg for 2 months, usually. Sometimes a strain will grow so rapidly that I have to put it into flower a little early. I never let a plant get over 28" in veg.

There is this old riddle we used to use back in the day:

At 1 I’m an infant.
At 3 I’m a toddler.
At 5 I’m a teen anger
At 7 I’m a maid.
At 9 I’m a crone.

What am I?

Answer: the number of points on a marijuana plant’s leaves and sexual capacity.

We can all have sex as teenagers (5 points… and able to force flower), but we’re really not that good at it. By adulthood (7 points) we are at our fertility prime. By the time we hit old age (9 points) we’re sexual pros, we just don’t have the longevity anymore. :smiley:


it’s just some bag seed, it came from some pretty nice K2 type stuff. It’s been a month more or less in veg, but i checked this morn, and it is up to about a foot and a half, and preflowering, so i’m gonna bump it into flower. I won’t get as good as if i let it ride for a month or so, but i got some ILGM seeds coming that i need the space for, lol! Thanks for the tips brother!


on the points riddle, they have between 7 and 9, so good to hoof i believe. Seems like they grow a bit faster in this bubbleponics type setup than what i was used to in soil


Hydro grows all the way! Very, very, very fast growth rate in veg., Flower is flower, and there’s no rushing it. But veg is as long as you make it once 7+ point leaves dominate the growth.

It’s a double edged sword though, you know?

What makes them grow so fast in hydro, is also what kills them so fast when something’s wrong. I watch mine like a hawk being watched by a NSA satellite, being watched by the mothership.


Update 6 Mar 17. 12-12 cycle for 2 days now.


Uploading… update dudes, this grow ended up just yielding 1.8 oz, i had some heat control problems. I re engineered the hydro system into a larger reservoir, 2 pod system. Seed starting 2 pod hydro system with a led light to start, then into the larger system fro grow with 2 Lightimetunnel LEDS. I was just starting a ILGM feminized AK47 grow, when my wife suddenly got sick and died 2 weeks ago at the age of 44. Needless to say, the grow got terminated, i had a houseful of family coming, i was in no shape to take care of a grow, etc. I still ain’t , but in a couple months, i’m gonna start it going again. Thanks to all ya’ll for the friendship and advice, it really helps at a time like this. She wasn’t just my wife, she was my best friend, my battle buddy from the war in Iraq, i won’t be able to fill this hole in me.


I feel your pain brother, I had my little cousin sucide in my garage just before Easter. He was struggling with addiction to pain pills, we raised him like a son since he was 12 . Days have been more gloomy since, but we have to hang in there brother, we will have you in our prayers.


@brazosdave So Sorry To Hear that… Best Wishes My friend …

:v: :sunglasses:


hoping you the very best my friend, I can’t imagine the pain. be strong. Also thanks to you and your dear wife for your service. Peace and love to you brother


Thanks guys. I had to rethink the system, the tote didn’t have enough wall strength for what I was doing, so I switched to 5 gal buckets. I have a single sativa growing now under leds, it was some decent bagseed, spose to be K2, it does have sativa in it for sure, but probably Mexican.