New HLG DiabloX

HLG did a product drop for new light…. Looks like I’m going to have to DIY a light reflector :rofl:


Manual :

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Sick light. Why will you need a reflector?

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Looks like thats the only big difference in this new release light. It has some little white panels used as reflectors added to it.
If I’m being honest, it seems like a lazy attempt at some “new tech” to me :confused: HLG can do better then this :disappointed:


Yeah, HaHa… I love my Diablo and 350rs, but a name change might be in order…

Maybe something like: If Our Lights weren’t Cumbersome Before, Wait Till You See This Sh!t!..

Come on…for real.


It also has the new plant centric white diodes by Samsung and enhanced red/green + extra 50 watts and reflectors✌️


Better diodes than extra wattage I can get behind… reflectors… meh


i actually wasn’t lying i thought about doing a diy reflector. i actually asked hlg if they were gonna offer one with no response haha.

Congrats on starting the next big thing. Funny how it goes. I wonder how much return on investment it offers

I don’t know? MigroGrow (light dude on YouTube) has a video I think on making I should watch again. I have Diablo in a tent but when I put in open room I bet it would help a lot more with distribution of light.

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