New HLG 600rspec

@dbrn32 I just ordered an HLG 600rspec. I am upgrading from a Bloom Plus 3000. I am ready to flip to flower once I receive the HLG. My question is, what dimmer setting should I be using to start flower on the HLG? I have been running the lights on a progressive increase. Currently I am running the BP at about 75%.


Im guessing about 50%. And you may want to give em a week to adjust them flip and incrementally creep it up from there


Also forgot to ask, should the light be kept at 18 inches above the canopy?

I would bump up the light you have a little now, then to full power in couple of days if everything is looking good. Then do just like Purp says and start with hlg-600 around 50%, should be similar ish light intensity levels to bp3000 at full power.

Once you have hlg-600 running well give her 5-10% boost every 5 or so days if you can keep up with temps, nutrients, etc. If all goes well you should be about full power by end of transition. If you run into problems, just back intensity off a little until you get squared away.


I would go more like 24-30" and see how things do. 18" pretty close for light that big.


@PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 Thank you both for the help. I’ve been working on controlling my temps and humidity. I just got the AC Infinity S6 so hopefully that will help.


Nice work. That Infinity should get it done! Great product.

And no probs Bob

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Hi. Was looking into some HLG lights for Flower tent. Any recommendations between getting the 550 Rspec vs 600 Rspec?

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The 550 rspec is no longer being made and was replaced with the 600 rspec.


I would start out at about 50% maybe a little less just so your plants have time to adjust then crank that baby up. Could start at 50% and turn it up 25% each week just an idea.