New high CBD strain

In Dec, 2019 I received an email re: a new high cbd strain offered by ILGM. Mail lost, please help

ILGM now offers high CBD strains on their website.

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I’m intrigued. Has anyone grown any of these high CBD strains? What’s the effect like ? Does is mature like a regular strain with the trichomes turning cloudy, amber etc @Covertgrower @AAA

@MrPeat may be able to weigh in here on high CBD strains too.


@Watt-Sun I have not grown a ILGM high cbd plant, but I have grown a high CBD strain from a different seed bank.
The CBD version follows the same rules as a regular cannabis plant. There are still trichomes, and color changes of them.
Hope this helps a little.


How did you find the effects to be? I’m a big fan of the narcotic couch lock feeling for bed time @Covertgrower .


I’ve got some sativa going in hopes of a clean, active high. Hence my keen interest in growing my own - I have complete control of what I get.

I’m still happy with my nighttime indicas though, and for the same reason.


@Watt-Sun the hybrid I grew was sativa dominant. So it was a great daytime strain.
If you find my “First post first grow” grow journal you’ll be able to find it.

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High in CBD means more of a body high than a head high. I prefer CBD strains. I prefer to function like a normal human being. I lean more to say a 23% CBD vs say a 1:1 ratio.

My favorite was Tora Bora. Smoke a bowl wait about 5 to 15 minutes the head high transition to a body high. Once that head high was gone, I was actually able to ride my motorcycle.

The best way I can describe was like this. A couple hits my head kinda felt like it was in molasses. All of a sudden it felt like this wave of Sunlight went from my head and slowly worked down my body. Every area my spine is FUBAR at melted the pain away like hot butter knife through butter.

It lasted up to 2 to 6 hours. Depending on how much I smoked in my bowl. Yeah it goes through the same process like any THC heavy strain. Trichomes and all.

And yes, if there is say a 1:1 ratio if you are wanting to cut down pain and have a head high at the same time…go for this ratio.

You can still treat pain with THC. It my experience around different marijuana smokers mainly wanted an “escape” from reality. It’s not easy to get good CBD strains because the demand isn’t as much.

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Never grown or smoked a high CBD/ low THC strain.

I’ve got beans, just have not started them.

@AAA If you are in pain, you can’t ask for better management that high CBD. I just wish more seed banks would incorporate some into development. But the demand is more for high THC.

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Thanks @MrPeat ,very informative . Just the info I was looking for :+1:

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I just buy a CBD isolate to manage an inflammatory condition (it does a great job.)

I get migraines and have minimized my opiate intake with THC. If I’m in a position (e.g home alone) where I can just get stoned out of my mind when a migraine hits I don’t even need to take the opiates. It’s really that good.

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@Watt-Sun You’re welcome…I do have one strain that is 23% CBD. My phone internet where I am at is subpar at best.

Give me a few and I will post it’s name. I think the THC is less than 1% but let me confirm

They don’t list the THC content which means it can’t be much. Probably not even 1%.

It’s by Garden of Green and strain is called
Super Critical Bud CBD 23%. Now the parents is a odd match.

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I wished I could remember the strain I picked out for my sister when I went to Denver the first time. I did my research on several sites to find a good strain that helped with migraines and she absolutely loved it. But that like 3 years ago so I doubt they make it anymore. Supply and Demand…and not enough demand.

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@MrPeat @Watt-Sun

Disclaimer: I’m not in pain and I have not done the research.

I think the high CBD very low THC thang is a little bit of a fad in the respect that it caters to people who think getting high is a bad thing.

I totally believe that CBD is good for pain management, body, and mental health but also think THC and the other 100 plus or minus cannabinoids are just as important.

Is a higher ratio of CBD to THC more beneficial to certain maladies than others? Probably but determining that ratio is the X factor for me.

@AAA I will put this in persecutor. I don’t need any sympathy nor anything on those lines. Quick back story…I had my hip smashed I. By a freak training accident. Here is where I am sitting at take it as you like.

I suffer from PTSD, insomnia, 16 pinched nerves they know about since the VA Hospital has never checked the middle of my spine.

I have Scoliosis, Osteoporsis, Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, and Bursitis. I also have Multi-facet Disc Degeneration and so much more. My femoral and sciatic nerve to both legs is 20% dead. Which means I will wake up paralyzed from the waist down. I can’t have kids due to my injuries is so extensive.

I could go on but you get the idea. I was in show much pain I put a single round in my .38 and played Russian Roulette. Pain will take you to a place you do not want to be in. Especially when I couldn’t get the Army Doctors to listen to me. Then after getting out I couldn’t get the Doctors at the VA Hospital to look into my complaints.

So yeah it was a rough time in my life. As for CBD…no, I can verify with 10000000000% certainty, that is not what CBD is about. It’s about managing things and you are still in full control.

My Mom hated marijuana with a passion. Especially the kind that made you feel not in complete control. I would never smoke my Blue Dream and get behind a wheel of a vehicle. Motor functions isn’t running all cylinders. We actually drove to Denver to pick up some mote Tora Bora.

The first time she tried Tora Bora she felt
relief from her pain. Sadly between my first trip to my trip her was only less than 4 months apart. The strain was cancelled. Reason: not enough demand.

The store is called the Oasis Cannabis Super store and at the time they had 3 stores. If you had a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado you could get strains for like people with cancer which helped with their pain. At the time the two Recreational stores of theirs didn’t have the demand for CBD.

I prefer to stay in control so the high CBD vs a high THC isn’t even in the same ball park. I hope that all makes sense.

It’s why I am always looking for high CBD as it’s not the same as say smoking a blunt of say Grape Stomper and it’s named that for a good reason.

So I know what is wrong and I target specific strains for certain things like controlling pain, acid reflux and as I already stated my previous ailments.

Yes, high THC will knock me out while a high CBD strain I stay completely alert. Not the same experience…now the closer you get to a CBD to THC ratio aka 1:1 I don’t like those. And don’t get me wrong I do like a head high every once in awhile as that is what helps k pack me down to sleep.

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I have used CBD isolate, and it does work. However I would like to point out that CBD, while beneficial does not have any psychoactive effects. So when you feel “high” it’s not from the CBD when consuming a strain that has a high CBD. CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive feeling to some amount.

@MrPeat @AAA
I used to get migraines really bad, and still get them on occasion, but have diminished significantly after discovering I was allergic to gluten.


@Covertgrower I know all to well. When Tora Bora was cancelled I actually wrote the company and told them there is an actually demand for high CBD strains. But we are not as common as the ones that want a head high.

In Texas, we have 2 million suffering in one form or pain or another. My PC Doctor told me to either grow my own or move to a State with a MMC. I also forgot to mention I already had a golf ball turn or removed off my skull and has Esophageal Cancer.

Long as you know what you need help with managing, you can find strains to help.