New here worried about drooping leaves

Hi all im new to the forum and decided to do an outdoor grow. I used regular soil and added peat moss and vermiculite and it has had alot of growth in the past couple of days im hoping its a lady. But i noticed earlier its leaves began to droop and it is hot here 90 at some points of the day. Should i be concerned about this. Any help would be great.


If it really hot you can give it shade throughout the day to help her out

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Nice color, i dont see anything alarming. Tell me you have plenty of drain in the bucket.


Welcome to the family @Godsgarden happy growing

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I do infact have alot of drain holes in the bottom and sides. It just rained here alot the past couple of days too some of the leaves got damaged during the storm.


Ty this is so wonderful btw

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During our record rains and cool temperatures in June, plants were drooping. They have recovered and stretching.

I still have a drooper but it is probably genetics.


Its so odd it was standing at attention when i got off work then it was super humid and i thought it needed a drink of water then i came out before dark and they started drooping. It horrified me

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I was worried that it is holding too much moisture but it the bottom is full of holes and a layer of lava rock

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Same thing here. I check my outdoor grow before I leave to watch my grandchild at 6:15 and when I return around 5:30. We are still getting afternoon thunderstorms.

Planties look happy when I leave and sad when I get home after an afternoon rain.

This weird weather has three plants flower early, one is still revegging. Strange indeed.

Ty for the fast response i really feel welcomed so far. I just hope its a girl lol. I havent fed them nutes yet but they are on the way.

No need to thank me. Just repaying the great grows that helped me.

Pic of my girls two weeks ago. I think they are all another foot higher this week.

I’ll tag you in my grow if you want to follow along.


If you watch the time lapse videos of cannabis growing in tents you will see the plants go through a daily cycle. The leaves stand out straight and then droop and then repeat. Kind of looks as though they are clawing through the air as they grow. So this might not be an issue for you at all. When you water, make sure all the soil in the pot gets wet. Also, check the underside of leaves for pests. Some bugs can suck the juice out of the plants making them droop, although the leaves on your plant have good color.
Your plant has nice fat leaves so probably an indica strain. She looks happy in your photo but petite for this time of year. She needs full sun all day to get big!

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Little update they are doing fine. Ty everyone for the help just hope they turn out to be girls i have my bergman nutes ordered already amd janeqp sorry i couldnt reply the other day i ran out of posts.


Chemdog baby

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Little update grew a foot taller since i left for vacation, used my first dose of bergmans today hope i did it correctly. Chemdog baby straightening out after growing sideways.