New here wanna LST grow, plants are about 3 weeks growth

New here wanna LST grow, plants are about 3 weeks growth , here’s photos today , the wood all around has hooks to tie string one side to other as needed, just need some guidance here. Here’s photos today bout 3 weeks growth from popping up.



Looking great!


I recommend you find a member here to follow and try to replicate what they do in your own way. I know @MidwestGuy has a great post thats very detailed about his current grow and he does LST and nets. I learned alot from him and @Arrow. Im not sure if arrow is here much more but he has some great training posts as well


I do 90% of the training before it goes under a net. When I use a net I really only use it to reinforce the the training that i’ve done. I also don’t scrog. I use a net to help direct and shape where things go. It is just the I way I prefer to approach it.

One of my current plants. 12 colas quadline that was flipped one week ago.

sixteen days earlier - day 45


The best outcome for my LST has been doing it after topping when it recovers and starts branching out the makes a more manageable plant. I also don’t use nets, I keep my node spacing tight and veg for a little extra time to strengthen stalks before flowering.

Topped once

Start of LST

3-4 days after LST

I use paper clamps and solid core insulated doorbell wire to tie my plants down, I adjust and tighten everything as they grow.

This allows me to regularly and easily adjust each branch as they grow larger this is my method, good luck!

Get Growin!

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I’m trying to figure it out. Paper clips makes me think accountant. Door bell wire leads me to low voltage wiring. Very nice. Staples makes it even easier.

Lol, you’re overthinking it. It was stuff I had around the house, just put a doorbell camera and new electronic chime in, (doorbell wire left over) and the wife is an escrow officer so the heavy duty paper clamps are everywhere!

My point being, it doesn’t need to cost anything extra be inventive and crafty.
My next planting pots are gonna be made from fence boards that were leftover from a construction site. That’s where I get my plastic drop cloth and insulation board oh And tons of pine sawdust and chips too!


Is that pvc octagon setup in your 3x3