New here! New to the grow, AND I'M IN AFREAKINPANIC NOW!

= NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
Soil/Coco/perlite mix @ 1/2/1 in pots
System type?
Potted indoor closet grow
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
From germ. To an m.g. seed starter mix in 32oz Gtrade btles with tops for g/hs effect. Out the soil in 24hrs on 8/19/19 Growing awesome. Almost full moon, Transplant to 8" pots
" bone head move ! " shoulda gone to what I plan to be their last home. Anyways, soil at that point and is now still the same aforementioned mix, soil/coco/perlite @ S-1/C-2/P/1

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?
2 L.E.D. full spec. At 40w 24" each/another 2 the same but have added blue spec. And are 50w ea. 2 more at 60 w each full spec. Are 36 " Unbelievabley cool running

Temps; Day, Night
Day avg. 78 (76-79) bump 80 ery so oft. ) Nights avg. 72 (69-74)°F

Humidity; Day, Night
Day-or night from 38-51 RH

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
YES/ 3.5" FRESH IN, 4" EXH. CFM NA, 10" OSC. Over tops
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Home A/C / no and no
Trying not to be “that guy” I’ve researched ilgm over and over and over. Just when I think I’ve got it ; Pooof, rite in the kisser. I have learned soooooo much that I now know I’ve got a hellofa lot to learn cuz I don’t know squat. Thanks :100: to all of you there for what you have established. Who knows, it may be legal where I am one day :wink:
Ok enough talk, I only have two hairs and one nail left. Two plants, hopefully females, Sexy and Sultry, we talk, then and I several times a day, when possible. I had one lead on Sultry had to small spots on her. I thought I had possibly dropped a little vinegar in her. Well it made 3 small holes, they grabbed all the way to the edges of the holes, doin fine! Ok, moving on, noticed on Sultry, a small yellow ish for the size of a pineapple that was not something I could blow off of her. On first set of leaves, it has since gotten bigger, and bigger and in seeing the same scenario on the older leaves now. Researched it, photo 1/

first pic of it I took, but started just as this one is #2 3 next few pics will show it’s progression to where they !! Yep, both plants now, initially just one, are now.
From a dot to what looks like rot. 2.5 wks ago, I applied Capt. Jack’s. Didn’t change that problem. Research, nitro burn?? Flushed, looked better, not fixed. Idk. Phosph. Issue?? Added a little bone meal, nothing, I’ve tried a 3 n1 insecticide by fertilome, and it seems now they’re getting unhappier by the day. I know I need to transplant, when I flushed, I gently opened a hole in sexys pot to make sure I had sufficient drainage, and it was full of roots, I gently taped it back closed. I have since found on one plant on one leaf, something that was shiney and incandescent looking, idk wth it is. Here’s pics of it. Along with something else I saw on the stem of one, another UIO. in this pic under different light, looks completely different.
I’m gonna stop rambling now. I’ve planned and grown several copies of several things, I’ve even worked with some friends on their farm. I have never personally grown anything wait like this, you all know what I mean, I’m sure of it. I love these ladies, they each have they’re own personalities. I’ve watch them respond to different things in diff. Ways, sometimes in what is only a test minute span. UN REAL!!!. Here are some more pics, . I started LST on sultry, I think it’s going ok, but I’m wondering if I should turn her loose until I can get a handle on things? Uploading: IMG_20190912_013601748.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190912_014533979.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190914_170814722.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190914_170136282.jpg… Uploading: MVIMG_20190912_013524252.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190912_014916564.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190914_170655409.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190912_014516383.jpg… here some of the latest pics the edges of the leaves are just starting to do what is shown, and that is showing up on even the newest and youngest chutes. I’m goin nuts, I will pay to have them shipped to a savior, lol. My soil ph had been right around 6.9 - 7 slowly tried getting down to 6.2 without much luck. Added a fertilizer soil acidifier plus iron. And a few coffee grounds. Little better at 6.5 with electr. Tester. I started writing this, this morning. And even with wat I have described, the ladies are perkier right now than they have been in a week. WTH. Still have the marks showing and spreading. The acidifier was applied last night??? Also served as a cal-mag, zinc, iron and do on suppl. Possible I may have a deficiency that just showed tho the new leaves this morning but may have relieved it because of the supplement explaining how good they look right now? Please!! Someone provide some answers, or a bullet.

First off welcome :v: @Imahead Let me see if I can get you some help
@Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74 @Gremmall @GreenJewels @elheffe702

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I dont see you mention anything about nutes your soil ur using is pretty inert with little food in it looks like some Epsom salt might tighten u up if your using that type of products

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Hey thanks peeps, I had mentioned a liq soil acidifier the get my pH down a few points and said it had also served as a cal-mag zinc iron sulfer sub.
But as I went back and looked at it again, it does not contain calcium, but it does have the other ingr. Iment. Besides small amounts of bone meal, blood meal and a 4-4-4 with biozome . That’s all I have done outside the npk. Have played by with homemade C02. I did use a M.G. 28-12-10 what I now think was about a week 2 early. In liquid form as per instructions and not dillited down further, as I now know. And thanks again for the replys, greatly appreciated. And what an awesome sight!!

Welcome to the forum. lots of great people here who are very experienced in problems like that. Is it the lower leaves down by the dirt? I have splashed water on leaves and when they got bigger they had spots on them, The pics have to be loaded before you click “reply” and the pics you provided are all close ups and not the whole plant.
As they get bigger clean all the lower leaves off. Last pic almost looks like you are starting some powdery mildew on that leaf, check your environment, and make sure of good air flow thru your grow space, hope that helps and don’t freakinpanic because it is all fun and if it don’t work out you learn for the next grow !

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Thanks buddy, I’m really beginning to think I have more than one issue . Early in, yes it was in the lower and older leaves and I’m sure I did get some water on some. I appreciate you telling me about the reply and pics thing as well. The pics I think while speak the tales. I’ma resend some and go from there.


I agree, looks like possible water spots. I’d definitely get the pH in range.


Welcome to ilgm @Imahead…if you dont get your help, I’ve got the bullet :cowboy_hat_face:
What is the ph of your runoff after you water? Ph is very important and also being an overbearing mother hen is probably responsible for a lot of new growers issues. Ask me how I know :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome @Imahead. I am too. Looks like you’re in good hands. Welcome aboard, we are all here to help and be helped. There are people here with different specialties and about every technique you can think of, and EVERYONE is willing to help.


@zparkie2 @Grandaddy013 @BigDaddyCain @RandomlyRan@fano_man
@Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74 @Gremmall @GreenJewels @elheffe702
I apologize everyone if I’m messing this up also for being too long. And again for not replying sooner. I was told I had reached my maximum allowable posts for a newbie, lol. I’ma try again fresh. Leaf problems. Maybee more than one issue. This first couple pics seems to be the way it starts. Small yellowish tan spec but there was only 1-2 on one plant.

the specs get bigger and bigger to now looking like this along with some of the prior pics posted. It progressed from one plant to both. I Thought mites , pics really didn’t match with what I’m seeing. I went ahead and hit em with Captain Jack’s. Didn’t help. Meanwhile it’s getting worse to more leaves and on both ladies now. I snapped these pics because it seems that the affected leaves all seem to have this underneath notice the small black to rust colored spots.
I then saw this and tried to take a better look. I’m thinking it looks like a bunch of small holes I took pics in diff views and diff light , and then put a light from behind and found this. there are a bunch of tiny holes. So I purchased a 3 n 1 Fung. Pest nite by fertilome. As I’m fixing to spray them, I find this, it’s only on one plant on one leaf of one fan. It shines diff. Colors from diff angles and under a different light, doesn’t shine sparkle or glisten at all. sprayed the 3/1. Oh yes don’t forget o flushed a couple days ago thinking burn. Sprayed 18hours later, lights come on for me to find this seeing wat looks to me like burning on the edges and tips of the younger and new leaves as well. Pheeww. Got that off my chest. Ok, still waiting for my pH meter to return, had a defect, factory replacement, been using rainwater and was avging 6.8 6.9
Electronic soil test shows a pH of 7, working on lowering it now.
And while I’m goin, can the sex of these be determined yet?


Get a loupe, yu cant see those buggers they are so small. I am not a bug person, but you tagged some I think. But from some of those close up picks you may have spider mites, don’t quote me on it, But @Skydiver would sure know by looking at a few of those white spotted leaves. I would get confirmation either by site with a loupe or someone on here before spraying a bunch of bug killing or controlling stuff. just saying. Hope you find what it is.:face_with_monocle:


Thank u for your input my friend, I kind of agree I’m now starting to think that I initially got some water on their leaves. Causing some Burns:: splash or foliar and not thinking it right just before lights out. So I go to cackling round the momma hen house, meanwhile imay have had sum bugs get in, and in spraying for those, is it possible that I didn’t think it right again and actually have the miteicide etc, cause a burn? Well sure it could be, I’m a dummie. The last pics with what looks to me could maybe be a very serious issue, that’s what worries more.

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Your not messing anything up man :v: let me do some reading and go back over your pictures. Between everyone you tagged I’m sure we can get an answer :+1:


I agree that you may have splashed some water/nutes on the leaves but I also think that you do have spider mites. I am in the middle of treating for spider mites myself.

The tiny black spots are likely mite poop and the shiny spots are the mucus that they expel.

Spray entire plant with hydrogen peroxide (a couple TBS per gal) then 24 hours later Captain Jacks. Wait five days and repeat. I am on repeat day myself.

Be sure to thoroughly spray the top and bottom of the leaves.

If your pests are something else (not spider mites) such as thripes or something, this treatment is also called for.


Thank you, kind sir!!: I have the fertilome 3 n1 that acts as a fungicide, miteicide and insecticide. I applied that approx 30 - 34 hours ago, is it ok to spray the hydr/perox mix now, if not how long before do you think. The captain Jack’s and the 3 n 1 say at 7 day intervals if I’m not mistaken. And the again

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Looked back, I see your 5 day repeat schedule

I think it is risky to combine different treatment strategies unless you know what you are doing.
I would simply pick one and go with it.

If I were going to change treatments, I would wait until time to reapply before doing the next thing.

As far as 5 days vs 7 days, eh, not a big deal either way.

The idea is to kill the next generation when it emerges but before it can reproduce. The other idea is to not apply often enough to further damage your plants.

I am not big on foliar spaying as a general rule. I only do it to treat some condition that arises.


Sorry to hear of your problems, I agree with @merlin44 I have also alternated H202 and Captain Jack’s applications when I had issues in the past.
I hate those stupid mites. Here’s some info on them


Point taken I think I will apply the hydprox mix in 4 days, Capt. Jack’s to follow, 5-7 later, the 3 n 1.

Not to jump into the deep end, does this look like a different issue maybe