New here - growing banana kush autos

Hi there! I’ve been guilty of looking on here so I thought I’d finally introduce myself. Posts on here have been super helpful and of course I’m already finding things I did wrong, but this is how we learn! I’m loving this new hobby!

Anyways, here’s what I’ve got going on:

6 Banana kush autos (first mistake but I added another light and I’m very persistent so I WILL see these ladies thru)
4x4 tent
2 Blurple lights and a Mars Hydro tsw2000
Fabric pots
FFOF soil
Started lightly feeding FF BB and FF GB in week 3
Plants are 24 days from breaking soil
Carbon air filter and 4 inch intake/exhaust
18/6 light schedule
Temps range around 65-67 at night, daytime can run around 75-81. Having trouble getting the Temps right with the mars hydro I added 2 days ago.

Happy growing everyone!


Nice looking girls! Good luck on your grow ohhh and welcome to the forum by they way


Thank you! And I just realized one pic I took has white hairs that I didn’t see a moment ago when I snapped these pics. Am I flowering already?? I’m just loving this wild ride with autos! They definitely are driving the bus!

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I think she just showing she a female, I’m fairly new also and having my first run with autos


They look nice its good to see the early lst training how many weeks old are those


Good Morning @BrainsandBongs your ladies are looking really good. Welcome to the community. There are answers to all your questions here. Happy Growing! :blush::v:

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I think we are in week 4 but I’m not entirely clear on how to age them. They broke thru the soil 24 days ago after taking forever to germinate. I made the mistake of germinating in water in a cold room and thankfully I was able to correct the problem but I know I delayed the start.

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Look autos are great so far all the autos ive done have been big plants and good yeilds last grow i got 5.5oz this one is goin to be more then last harvest

Here is the latest pics of some of the buds


Wow, look at those buds! Great job!

Yah she is a beautiful plant i will show u the whole plant

The seeds are dark wizard genetics


How tall is she? I can’t wait to see how big these get!

She is about 3-4foot high


I mite be able to show buds from my last grow

These ones are grown with bottled nutrients where my white widow auto is in organic soil again the seeds were dark wizard genetics and this off a moby dick auto


What strain are you growing?

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@BrainsandBongs i have 1 blueberry auto from ILGM and I have another one not sure what strain tbh I got the seed from a friend claiming it’s GDP but idk if it’s true haha but has been growing nicely thanks to my friends @Tylersays @SilvaBack203 @Newt great guys very knowledgeable


That is a good point about the age. In my grow journal I’m tracking it all.

Intuitively I would think from the time they break ground and become seedlings. I could see it being different for auto’s because with photo’s you have distinct phases so phase time becomes more relevant actual time.