New here from down under

Hi all.
Waiting for my seed order to arrive, looking forward to getting back into growing.
1st backyard grow, looking for optimal size pots and best soil and nutes.
Any advice appreciated


Pot size will depend partly on whether you’re growing photos or autos and how big you want to grow them (if photos), but 5g pots are a good size. I recommend starting them in clear solo cups (so you can monitor root growth to know when to transplant) stacked inside colored solo cups (so the roots don’t get light damage).

Soil choice depends partly on how much control you want. If you want to set the cruise for a while and let them just feed off the soil, start your seedlings in Fox Farms Happy Frog and pot up with Fox Farms Ocean Forest (it’s a little strong for seedlings). If you want total control over nutrients, go with something like Coco or ProMix. These are inert, so you control the nutrients completely.

The most talked about nutrient line lately has been Jack’s 3-2-1.


Hi Al.
Thanks for the info.
All photo… fem big bud, chocolope and amnesia haze.
In the Brisbane area of Australia, not sure if I can get the soils and feet’s you recommend.
Looking at keeping them around 6’
Really appreciate the advise.


If you can put them in the ground it’s usually better than any container.

If not, then I’d say 15-20 gallon pots would be good for about 6’ of a bushy plant. I grow in 30 gal with the transplant outdoors around May with 5 week old plants. They usually hit 6’- 8’.


If you cant get those you can use straight coco coir with nutes and perlite mixed in or my mix which acts similar to coco coir just not quite as well but is 1/3 as expensive and almost all garden shops carry the ingredients my mix is 1/3 peat moss 1/3 compost (preferably mushroom) 2/9 perlite 1/9 vermiculite as for the nutes the best water soluble are Jack’s, then fox farm trio, then dyna grow/bloom. Or you can go the organic route(which your local shop should have some options) you’ll want something like 8-4-4 for seedling to veg then for flower you want something like 4-8-6 my fave is down to earth veg mix (with bloodmeal added) and their flower mix and steer clear of all things miracle gro


In any case, keeping a plant below 6 high isnt all that hard, just keep tying them down as they grow. Bend the tops over. Plant later in the season with photos. Select plants that dont get big.


Thanks for the welcome and all the cracking advice.
Will keep you all posted as the grow moves forward.
Happy growing to all.

Welcome to the community !

Cheers, great to be here. Great community, great advise, looking forward to keeping you all posted on the grow.

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Welcome mate

I’m also in ozzy land and can give you some direction on what to buy

I got this recommended by another Aussie (photo attached) you need to mix it with coco coir I believe as it’s a super soil. That’s if you want to use soil.

I used bottled nutes as I’m growing indoors. I’m using green planet gp3 vita thrive and calmag all from the same brand. I’m using coco coir with 30% perlite mix from Cyco platinum series

Cheers mate!
Thanks for the heads up on the super soil.
Will take your advise, and keep you posted along the way.

Seeds arrived today😎
All ready to go…
Can anyone shed some light on identifying what seeds are what strain. Only have numbers on the bags.
Thanks in anticipation

I can try what’s your order and numbers

Hi Green,
All good, worked out the code on the bag…,
All smiles this end!

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Welcome mate. I am south of the border - and growing indoors - tagging along for the ride. :v: :sunglasses:

Hey Budz
Yeah, indoor outdoor here.
Lived SOTB some years ago, little place called blue knob.

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Ur package didnt have anything but numbers. Mine had letters for each and a bunch of numbers. Ww and numbers for white widow. Zk and nu.bers for zkittles oh af after the name for auto flower. Thats weird especially if u order several flavors

Hey Mark.
Yep you are bang on,
Think my excitement upon receiving delivered a lack of comprehension.
Thanks for the heads up,
Have a cracking day!


Yet I bet it was clearer then my msnl package that I got stealth shipped (they hid it in a wallet) 1 wasn’t labeled at all ,(process of eliminated that one ) mag A ,Alo,AT I stared at it for 5 minutes then I figured it out magnum auto , auto lemon og and auto tangerine and no label was thc bomb regular seeds

Yeah when I look at it now I feel pretty stupid!
All good, first ones Popped today.
Old school guerrilla grower here. First foray into the New age world of Online seeds etc. just looking forward to kicking back and enjoying the process.
Have a cracker!

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