New help me out ASAP lol

I’m growing a lot of seeds I saved

Welcome the clear solo cups need to be put in a solid color cup the light will kill the new roots make sure the cups have drain holes in them looks like your off to a good start

Help in what way? A guide?

Any advise is cool


Welcome to the group


Fill the cup up with dirt more giving the roots more effort to develop before transplant.

I’m think it’s white styrofoam cups OP is using… Not clear

Your going big right off the bat good for you. Now can I ask you if you no what’s involved with growing it properly??

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I’m a new grower also I’m only on my second grow right now. You can check out my grow journal if you like. There are a lot of good growers here with a lot of knowledge. These people no what they are talking about I’m going to tag a couple to your post and they can help you better than me. Start your own journal so I can see your progress. @yoshi @patchman @Mark0427 @kaptain3d


First, welcome to our group of growers, misfits, hooligans, and such! Is this the thread you started? If not you need to start one, a journal of what you are doing.
When you start it, you will need to put in all of the things you have- indoor grow?
Lights, soil, tent or room, nutrients, and all that stuff. This way, the growers with that experience can help you better with any issues that come up. Do you know what strains you are growing? I suggest that you do a little reading on the forum to find some growers that interest you. Then you can tag them to your forum for advice. You can tag anybody by hitting the @ key and putting the grower’s name next to it. @DankmanQ, I just tagged you. A good place to start would be “Hellraiser grows gorilla glue and others.” He is a great grower and a great teacher. He has a couple of other threads too. He has years of knowledge and passes it along to anyone that needs it. Oh, like dirtydave said, get some colored cups around those clear solo cups, or it will be over before you know it. A lot of growers use clear solo cups because they can check root growth that way. As a general rule, when the leaves get to the edge of the sides of your solo cup it is time to transplant. Check to make sure you have good root growth too. Good luck on your grow man!! Tag me anytime you like.

Can I jus put the plastic cup in styrofoam cup or take everything out

Welcome ! You can slide it in another solo cup. Also the clear can be used to see when roots hit bottom for when it’s ready to be transplanted.

Sweet thanks appreciate it

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Looking good.

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