, male or female?

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I’m sorry to say that picture 3 for me is a definitive indication your plant is a male please wait for other community members to confirm

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Agreed. The last pic is blurry but still looks like a nice cluster of sacs


Definitely a Male. Not even a hermie.

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Sorry man. For sure a male. Too many clusters in all of the pics


Man this sucks! Supposed to be a “feminized Royal dwarf Autoflower” from Seedsupreme. Knew something was wrong when it grow to almost four feet tall.

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Height has nothing to do with it being a male.

True, but a 4 foot, indoor Royal Dwarf is a good sign somthing is wrong.
If that is wrong, then it’s probably not too far of a stretch to assume I was sent a regular non feminized Auto seed.

My last Autos was both 3 feet tall and female On a 12/12 start to finish. I grow 7 to 8+ tall plants indoors for my Photoperiod plants on a 12/12 schedule only.

My first male I grew on purpose hit near 3 feet tall.

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Royal Dwarf (1-1/2 to 2-1/2 feet indoor, 1-1/2 to 3 feet outdoor). I never seen an indoor Royal Dwarf grow past 2 foot indoors.