New help/8 foot inground

A critter got in to my fenced in garden. First it’s an 8 foot outdoor/inground Sativa Haze. The lower branch with 3 more growths broke. It’s connected still by about 25%. The leaves are not wilting, but should I wire a stick to try and have the broken part re-gen? Or should I cut it and treat it like a clone? Never had this happen before and I am panicking because it’s my “precious”. I grew these for my sister who got these rare seeds when she was on an African safari.

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I would try to tape it up before cutting it, if all else fails you can cut it into a clone. I have had a branch hanging on by a thread heal up before. You just have to make sure when you tape it up, the wound is closed. Maybe use a stick as support

Yes. And use honey if you have some around. Not sure of the science. But honey and tape are god sends for ‘mistakes’ with the little ladies

Also if the weed is THAT rare it may be a blessing in disguise. Clone those suckers! That way u can flower one when they root. Flower another after that. N keep the best for an AWESOME mother plant of some dope African Herbs!

Does it matter what kind of tape? Masking, electrical, or duct tape?

Honey? Never heard of that. I heard to use crazy glue or the skin repair for people. I just don’t want to lose this because that one branch is huge and don’t want to invite insects to eat it with an open wound.

Yes. Honey! Its like a natural salve. And im not sure about which. I usually just try to clone broken branches. Something that will not peel off. I think they have ‘green tape’ for plants

Ok I have natural honey from my area and come to think of it I have the green garden tape but it is not sticky. I just found some chop sticks in my silverware drawer that I’ll use.

Perfect! Snap a few pics of ur surgery when u finish

Ok!! Thank u all!!!

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Ok all set. I rushed and used the chop sticks,honey and wire ties. I also took an 11 point leaf off and used that to wrap the damaged part and around where the wire ties are. Here are the pics. I hope this works or I’m going to try and clone it.


The main stalk is a hair over 2 inches

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She looks AMAZING from the shoots u took! Thats not even the monster. :joy::joy: nice growing and great doctoring skills. Keep and eye on her. And if ANY signs of wilting chop it n make 6 clones :rofl::man_shrugging:t5: But 11 finger leaves she’ll keep on chugging regardless

I really nervous with this one! I have never felt like this! The only time was my first grow 35 years ago. That beast just keeps guzzling a gallon of fert. Every nite before sunset with no burn. I’m amazed!! I never had to clone because I would raise babies. I might need some help on that one. I’ve done it a few times, when I had to, but on this, I think I should and then hope I can get babies. I would probably have to move indoors. We will see.
Thank you for the reply!!!

Do you have any aloe plants? :joy::joy: its a process. If u take 10. Expect 2-3 to live. Until you get more confident

really clean solid repair on the break.

So…what type of critter molested your girl?

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Hahaha!!! Oh Lord!!

A damn possum and raccoon!! They actually ate a hole in the fence to get to the veggies, but walked by the good stuff!! LOL!! Atleast that was the only damage!!

I like growing outdoors in pots like this.! Don’t have to worry about animals or mold/mildew like this.

Ok now I’m in trouble. It wilted!! I def need help now. I’ll take picks when I get it in water and I would appreciate telling me where to cut etc. like I said haven’t done it in a long time.

Here is what i have! Smells great but looks like shit!!