New hash making device


that name’’ paranoia pucks ‘’ intrigues me!!! lol,i feel like i’m really missing out!!lol


Glad it worked out…! :wink:


I’d be interested to see how you do it, does it come out like this


You found it lol @darren
I use the same shaker as @Paranorman uses


I’m glad I found this thread…I am ordering my press and shaker tonight ; now all I have to do is wait for my bud to get ripe.
thanks for sharing this awesomness.


Thanks for this thread. I’m gonna check it out. I’m using a korean brand in making hash oil but what I get is a low quality butane. My friends said the taste is funny and it’s not worth it. Hoping to get good device because I don’t want waste my money.


@Tr33 what press are you ordering?
I have a Rosineer myself @Hogmaster& @Dumme have them as well we love them
Works great :+1: I get about 60- 80% return from my dry kief using it depending on how Fresh and sticky the bud I start with is

Here mine it’s the pv1 they don’t make this model anymore they now have second gen pv2 and mv2
Looks the same different color
P = pneumatic
M= manual


Mine is the mv1 I love it


Thanks a lot guys. Gonna check ot that Rosineer :smiley:


There’s none left and there not getting anymore damm it


@Caosred & @GoblinBoy
They may not have the pv1 or mv1 look for mv2 or pv2 models they are the upgraded models you can also go directly to mfg web site and purchase directly
You’ll need to look it up not sure if link is cool since they are not a partner site so I won’t post it
They discontinued ours since they made the second generation models things only get better :+1:


Cheers :beers: I’ll have a look


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I will look for mv2 or pv2 models. Hope I still get one. I really appreciate it man.


Awesome info! I tried making a new topic about just this but it said I needed to make a title for the topic but wouldn’t let me! :angry:
Anywho, I have some small popcorn buds I’m gonna use.

How should I go about breaking them up? I don’t have a grinder, just my fingers! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:


I would “disassemble” them, getting the bigger stems out - but if you can’t scrounge up a pair of scissors I feel for you bro…


This one costs a bit more but gives includes 3 different sized screens, lets you grade your shake by screen size

Dry ice definitely improves yields. Just be sure to use it in a ventilated space

Edit: Linked removed, I found them for sale by searching for “Dry Ice Mini Shaker”.


You need to remove that link and maybe you can put a new one from Amazon… Sorry :pray:


Screen shot is fine without link I have a acc. at the same place there are better deals on Amazon trust me they are just one of the very few places which would ship me closed loop extractor in Canada shipping and duties cost me well over 1/3 of list prices extra then converting to us dollar… Ouch all I can say if I had more options would’ve used them instead


Hey bud you can just use tour bubble bag to shake with dry ice into a ckean bucket thats what i do anyway
That set up looks sweet tho



I ordered one and it turned up last week, it’s nicer than I thought it would be. Came with two screens of 100, 120, 160 and 190 micron (for a total of eight)

I don’t have any bubble bags so this seemed like a good idea. Now I just need a local source of dry ice (and something to use it with of course :wink: )