New hash making device


outa likes,yea i’d go around 80$ lol i still have some elbow grease left in me…knee,hip and ankle not so much!


I’m plenty happy with the $11 shaker-can!


With something like that you could get it down to dab quality .


Thank you for this information. I am super excited to make some hash. I just purchased the press and pollen shaker…now I just need to wait for my harvest! The end game (waiting for the tricomes to change) is a bit like watching paint dry, it just smells a lot better.


Good choice I know you’re going to love it I just made some right now watching TV it’s freaking awesome, and much easier than the bubble hash process, I Almost Never Smoke bud anymore


Somehow I missed this topic, this looks great and I’d say I’m sold. Got plenty stashed away and I have to try this out.


Just an update I finally made hash with just shake, probably10% bud in it, I don’t know if it’s because they were several different strains mixed in but it’s really good!

I didn’t weigh it out and I just tossed a handful in that I guessed was about a quarter I shook it for less time because it wasn’t all bud, and I got 1.1 grams out of that little bit! :thumbsup:


@Paranorman What kind of press are you using i’m thinking of buying one


Howdy! Will find it when I get a chance but I would recommend one with a T handle that you can torque down more, this is the twisty ends and if I wasn’t pressing it in a vice I wouldn’t be satisfied with the press so I’m not really recommending it but I’ll give you the name or the link when I get a second I’m watering right now lol just took a smoke break LOL


@Paranorman I appreciate it man yeah I was planning on getting one with the T handle I’m in the process of medicating myself


So to everyone following this I made some hash out of just shake and it didn’t come out anything like the sticky, even though I pressed the hell out of it it was still powdery

I would call it bubble hash grade I’m going to use it for brownies. Yes, I realize you get out what you put in, just wanted to share…


I appreciate you sharing. I’m taking notes :slight_smile:

My harvest is just days away. As soon as the buds are cured and ready I’m making my first mini hockey puck!


Can’t wait to see the pictures! :thumbsup:


@Paranorman - Had to stop back here to say thank you. This method produces fantastic results. This was mainly sugar leaves with some small buds mixed in. The consistency before I pressed it was incredible. So thanks again! 4 grams of knock out.


Glad it worked out for you…! :thumbsup:


that looks awesome @Masshole!! enjoy!


Can some one please post a link to where I can get one? Thanks


Everything you need to know is here

Lol removed the link it was back to this topic.


Here you go my friend, hope it helps!


@Paranorman I shared some of this awesomeness with friends and all agree it is fantastic. They have dubbed these “Paranoia Pucks”. Heating the press to around 200 degrees really helps to create a super compact puck. I get about 4 grams of brick like “Paranoia Pucks” from each batch. Thanks again man!