New hash making device


Oh crap, didn’t even notice, thanks for the catch! Well basically, you just buy whatever screen material you want, then stretch it over the top of the jr and screw down the lid.


I got a little over eight grams of sticky blonde out of 26 grams of Super Cheese bud (no shake)

I still haven’t tried shake and popcorn bud in it yet I still have a fair amount of Bud to process then I guess I’ll get around to the shake …it’s going to be a long, cold New England winter so I’ll have plenty of time

I haven’t smoked any bud since I started making this hash ! …there’s no choke and it’s great for the respiratory issues I have and just two or three hits and it’s on!


IT’S SHAKE & BAKE (and I helped!)

Lol… I forgot the picture !


Nice hash for such little work


i see the press on amazon,but are you using a grinder with pollen catcher? i get the press part but what are you using to break down buds and catch pollen. that blonde is sure looking good,my ears are perked up!lol


Search ’ Pollen Sifter ’ on Amazon

…for some reason everytime I put a link to Amazon up, when I click it it comes back with my personal info !?

I’m guessing that that’s just me seeing that info, but I’m not sure so I’m not posting any more Amazon links until I know for sure


They do , I got a head shop right down the street from me , been there for 40 yrs, always carrys those pipes and accessories


gotcha @Paranorman thanks for sharing this! i will be gettin the sifter and press soon…


Dude about the Press I don’t know if it was a Christmas price increase or what but the Press went up to $25 !

I wouldn’t buy it at that price and if I had to buy again I’d get one with the T handle so you can torque it down more, but I press mine in a vice now so…


thanks @Paranorman i’ll keep an eye on it, i’m a couple months from needing one.i put it in my cart,sometimes if i leave things there for awhile they go on sale for some reason…lol


I hear you I’ve had plenty of those price changers in my ‘save it for later’

Had plant yo-yos in it for months because I don’t need em yet but I swear every day they changed about $0.08 some reason ?

But the hash is off the hook! I know I mentioned a few times this wasn’t shake, this was top quality bud hash, but it had a little Neem oil too late into flower and had an off taste and color but was still very sugaree! :thumbsup:


No likes bro :+1::+1::+1::+1:nice


Sorry I missed this E, no I’m just throwing 7 grams of Bud in with a couple of sanitized coins and shaking it for 3 minutes


okay @Paranorman, thanks ,would any coin due,or should they be a heavier variety?


I used quarters, I kind of think to break the bud up they should be heavy I used to use 3 but I thought maybe that might be too much weight


This is it…


Hey @Paranorman do you know how to upload Amazon to here I found something I wanted to share on your thread ?

#82 This thing is pretty cool if your hand ever gets tired of doing the shake.


alittle pricey but looks awesome! if i hit the lotto,i will grab one!!


Yeah I thought so too. To bad they don’t make a smaller one at half the price , then I’d seriously consider getting one.