New hash making device


5 sticks of butter to an oz of trim… @FloridaSon make sure that you bake your trim at 210 degrees on a flat glass cookie sheet for 30 min , after 15 min make sure to sift it around…
Once your done with that through 5 sticks of butter and trim in sauce pan on simmer , just barely boiling for 30 min stirring often…
When 30 min is up grab a pair of Ladies nylons and stretch them over a bowl and poor contents through… Now you will need one of those fancy gloves that allows you yo touch hot stuff and squeeze every last drop of beautiful butter out…
You can start using right away or put it in the fridge for later use… You should end up with a little over a pound of butter…
Enjoy … But be careful … You will be able to put an elephant down with this recipe …:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



Thank you. I didn’t realize I had to put it all in an oven first. I thought the simmer would be enough for the decarbwhateverthatwordis.

You probably just saved me from a great disappointment!


OMG! Dude, I hope you haven’t been doing it wrong! Simmering in butter or oil is NOT decarboxylating! You should always toast your weed before you cook with it.

Even better, you can vape and save the used weed – this is essentially the same as toasting in the oven, but you waste nothing. It’s my preferred procedure.


No, I’ve never done it before. This will be my first attempt.

I’m not a big fan of vapes. I guess it’s just the old school in me.


Yeah, me too. Vaping tastes like freshly mowed grass to me. Nothing like a nice bowl for taste. :wink:


Enjoying a taste as we speak…


That is a beautiful little pipe. I still use my 35 year old chamber pipe. :sunglasses:

Yeah, she’s seen better days.


I had one just like that in the 80s. I enjoy the heavy glass because it doesn’t heat up as bad.


Enjoying to as we speak :metal::sunglasses::robot::massage_woman::dancer:


Yeah, I think I bought it in '78, but the main reason I like it is the nice little cap. I can put it in my pocket and nothing spills out, it’s just really handy.

I wish they still made them. :disappointed:


I mentioned the mason jar, here’s the link I was reading: …

Kushpa ,i deleted your link as it is a competing site that advertises competing seed banks.
Hammer .


So the northern lights are small, very tight buds …out of 7 grams I got 1.1 gram each time I shook it which was interesting because both times I took 7g and both times gave me 1.1g


There’s something to be said for consistency…


I was pretty surprised and so far it’s been demonstrated in two out of the three strains I’ve repeated

I haven’t done the third strain a second time yet but I’m thinking that’s going to be pretty close to, or maybe spot on like the other two


Lmao hahah Been there

Oh I know that! …I figured that out long ago when I saw the bud trimming machine LOL :thumbsup:


Are you saying to throw a chunk of dry ice inside the shaker and to break the bud up but not grind the bud up right?? Might sound like a stupid question but I’m new to this and want to do it right and get as much as I can.


Yes that is correct .
Hammer .


Okay great, thanks. I’ve placed my order for the shaker & press already, just wanted to make sure I had the steps down right.


@SeaOfGreen52 can you give me the link to maybe wanne have a hash laking device too greetings happy grow!!


@SeaOfGreen52 that is correct… But I should warn you that dry ice can burn you if not handled correctly…
Happy growing…