New hash making device


Is this grade hash what they call full melt?


Looks like the hash we had back in the 80s when the tall ships came to port. :yum:


I remember the tall ships I think I saw them from Salem

…the rest of the country …well, the rest of the world doesn’t know about witch city, I’m assuming ?


Just looked up the shakers on the site I can buy from,they are $6.95 and the press is $7.95 and is aluminium, couldn’t find one that combined the two.


I bought mine from Amazon it was $10 and some change, forgot to post the link thanks for reminding me


So what was that about using a mason jar?

I’ve gotten 34 grams of primo trim from my girls. Was going to find out how much butter I could make with that, but would much rather be able to smoke it instead!

Thanks, Brother, for pointing this topic out to me. Still have over 100 new ones to get through!

This playing catch up is a bitch!!!


Dude this is the blond sticky, two hits and I put it down …now this was made with some Primo og kush, only thing wrong is had gotten some neem oil late and it wasn’t that tasty (or pretty), but it’s full power, it’s nothing like bubble hash, this is the goods!


After you run it through the pollen separator all you have to do is press it? I was just about to order some bags tonight or tomorrow but since I found this hell yea thnx man!!


Next time you try it @Paranorman through a piece of dry ice in there and I believe you will get a better yield and it will be more potent…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



@Paranorman can i get thd link please for the hash press you showed us??greetings✌


I found it but unless the price went up I don’t understand it because I paid 10.69 or thereabouts on Wednesday but I found it for like 13 and, something else went up in my cart too so I’m waiting for an email reply from them

on Amazon search pollen press and several will come right up !


7 grams of Super Cheese gave me 3.1 grams of the blonde sticky hash and I wannna talk about good right now ! :thumbsup:


Wowww that lookw so good yummyummyumm would love to try got some libanon hash here with me thinking about having a smoke lol just watered the plants and the lights went out after steady 18hours of burning 6 dark @Paranorman


Amazon been raising prices since the first of the month I had stuff in my cart and ever time I logged on to check on something the price would go up ? Bastards lmao wait till after the xmas season prices will drop
Anyway 13$ and I can have that lovely stuff I’m in anyway lol
Thanks for turning me on to this brother :+1::+1::grin::ok_hand::sunglasses:


@Matt_auto I paid 10 and change Monday for the shake can but it’s 13 and change now!

but what is blowing my mind the pollen press it was about ten bucks monday and now it’s 25 BUCKS !?!? :frowning:

It’s great for 10 but for $25 there’s a lot, a lot better …get one with the T handle


@Paranorman LOLOL Lmao hahah Been there . and ya its just a fine Stainless steal mesh ,And a very fine mesh as well.
Hammer .


The dry ice helps .As it is a very very cold it’ll help snap off the trichomes . Try this . when done shaking it ,(and arm is tired ) find a vibration device .then reload with the used material and hold the devise close to the screen devise and run again with only High vibration . add dry ice if have …Let me know how you like that … ps no change, this time when vibrating


P looking forward to seeing the proper link for this .as it is a small simple device that many members would appreciate .
Hammer .


You have to put up the link,i cant find it anywhere


What size screen gives the best results? And where would be a good place to get them?

I’ve thought about going to a screen printing shop and get some in different sizes that they use for silk screening.

I guess the question would come down to…
Generally, what are the common size variances of the trichomes?

For now, since I can’t get any of that stuff in time, how much butter could I make with 34 grams of trim?