New hash making device


From lack of response in my other thread comparing this to Bubble Bags I’m not sure if no one knows what this is or what but my grow Store guy was unfamiliar with this too ?

I’ve seen it in the one gallon size but this is Tiny I didn’t know it was so small, and that’s not what she said but here it is anyway

I’m going to take a quarter ounce of some OG Kush that I had some neem oil issues with and I don’t want to smoke but I’m going to make some hash

I’m going to weight out a quarter ounce and then put it in the freezer, will update

Hashish hard as a rock
5 day old clones
CB Super silver Haze grow
True Noob's Need Lot's of Help!
Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes
True Noob's Need Lot's of Help!

So how does that work? I found an article about a guy who took a canning jar, and used the screw-on ring top to secure some screen cloth over the top of the jar, then put a couple of quarters (to act as agitators) and your bud in the jar, turn it upside down, and vigorously shake it from side to side to extract “kief,” then toss what’s left in the bubble bags for hash.

Does that sound close, or is this something else?


I’m pretty sure that’s basically what I just paid 10 bucks for LOL


LOL I’m shaking it right now… It feels kind of obscene …I’ll see in 3 more minutes I’ll know what I got


You want to through a chunk of dry ice in there as well and you want to break up the bud… Its called dry ice extraction and it works really good…



I’m in love :heart: !!

Are you kidding me right now ?!

…all this from 7 grams :thumbsup:

What do you all think?

I’m pretty happy right now :smiley:


Lol loving it !!!
And you said you paid $10 sounds like a no brainer
Can’t wait to see finished product


I think this will do the job aswell although it looks rather small… keep us updated curious zbout the result! @Paranorman


Wow damn that looks really good bro 10usd aint nothing iff you see what you get from that og kush you putted in there bro curious to see the endresult! @Paranorman


Wait no more here it is Buddy, 2.5 grams from 7 grams of Bud and it’s different color than the shake left in the can, sticky too I hardly had to press it no powder at all this is pretty awesome

I’ll put a link up to the product later I got it on Amazon it’s called pollen separator


That’s nice I’m getting my self one for sure
And pic is of finished product or is there another step or steps @Paranorman


Yep that’s it I have a little press I put it in and it’s so easy to press it’s very very sticky not powdery like what I’ve been pressing from my bubble hash

I got a set of bags before I saw this because I’ve got a bit to process but I think I’m going to send them back I’ll just do a little batches like this

I shook it for 5 minutes I don’t know how long it had no directions and I can’t find anything about it but I don’t care I’m happy as a horse!


Nice :+1: love it sounds to simple to me lol


Looks great bro gona buy one later if you put the link online off amazon @Paranorman


Simples what I’m all about baby! Matt I got you mane, I’ll look it up later check back in bro! :thumbsup:


Ok ill keep it in my thoughts @Paranorman


Look how sticky this is not powdery at all like the bubble hash was …I love it! :blush:


Mmm would looooove to taste that Hash bro @Paranorman


Looks so nice :+1:


7 grams of a weird pheno of Super Cheese

was nothing like the mother, or her sisters finish Faster than the rest, I would say 70% amber when her sisters were barely 20 or 30 and absolutely knockout sleep med! (my go-to)

2 hours in the freezer and shake and bake, I’ll post what I get and in the meantime I’ll put the link up

I’m sending the Bubble Bags back, and for what they cost I can buy three of these! (I got the good ones from bubblebagdude, pretty damn nice but I don’t need them now)