New happy farm Soil

Has anyone used or know of the new soil from fox farms
Strawberry fields ?

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Ive seen it, but havent used it. Thats the one that is good for bloom i think.

It’s been around for years and years. I’m not sure why you don’t see many people using it. Seems like the main difference between strawberry fields and their others soils is SF has a bunch of coco in it.

Question can you use regular happy frog from start to finish?

Thank you

Yes, you’ll just need to start up nutrients a little sooner than you would in something like FF OF.

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Thanks again
If I combine the two what would you recommend the ratio be??

I’ve seen several people take OF and layer on bottom of pot. Then layer HF on top. So that once roots start growing they will go from HF into the hotter OF. As far as ratio goes, this is a guess I’d say 2/3 OF on bottom with 1/3 of HF on top. I haven’t done this myself, but am familiar enough with both soils that it would work that way.


I’ve seen it locally at Stock and Field. I’m in Illinois. I image after awhile they’re basically the same. It was only 13 dollars might

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I was thinking just mix both up well at 2/3 1/3 like you sId didn’t give it a thought about separating

That’s what I do the layers 2/3-1/3 happy frog


I use happy frog from start to finish. Its great for veg, not too hot for seedlings. I still use some nutes last 2 or three weeks of veg but not much. I use bloom nutes the week after i flip and press on.

Plan on layering with HF and OF next time to see if i can eliminate veg nutes all together.

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I’m have a few bags of all three
Maybe add that strawberry fields at the bottom.
I’m Just winging it here Trying to come up with a good mix. It’s my first go at grow :blush:

Most people who use happy frog add some perlite. I dont even do that.


What’s good for seedings and for how long
Would like to only have to transplant once from a gallon to a 15 or 17

And you get good results from that?
Maybe I’m over thinking things

Sure… i grow som fantastic bud. My setup is super easy.

I sprout in mineral wool, transplant to solo cups for 2 weeks(give or take a week). Then to 5 gal fabric pots.

I give 4 to 6 weeks of veg, flip to 12/12. Then bloom nutes till trichomes say were ready. Im my experience, if you have enough light , keep PH on point, dont over feed then yiu get good bud.

Fyi i use emerald harvest a and b’s. With their other nutes

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That’s the ticket
do you have a link for you other ingredients ?
I only have a 600 M H my 17 gallon pots take up a lot of room seems it’s wasted space and dirt if I can get away using 10 gallon pots that would br great.
I planned on starting 4 at first with that light

I use straight up Happy Frog. I want the soil to be homogeneous so that I can trust that the runoff numbers I get represent what is going on throughout my soil and so I don’t have “hot spots.”


@Silverback do you have any grow journals?