New guy👋 LOTS of rdwc questions

Hey everybody! Glad I joined such an informative group! You guys know your stuff. So here goes, i have a few questions…This is my first hydro build and grow so take it easy on me please. Lights will be 2 spider farmer sf4000 and beans are Ethos. GG4, lilac diesal, and citral glue (grabbed a few options)

So first thing, i see almost all rdwc systems pull the water threw the system. I feel like id rather push it threw. That way anything floating around will end up in my res tank instead of going directly into my pump. I’ll have some type of screen in the res to prevent anything going into my pump. Seems logical to me but most systems pull the water threw and “waterfall” it back into the res…Is there a downside to pushing the water instead of pulling?

Next question, i bought the danner hydromag 950. If my calculations are even close then i will be moving water 15-16 times per hr. Ive read 7x’s an hr is good. I know it may be a little less due to 90° bends and roots slowing things down but does 15x’s an hr seem too much? Can it harm my roots?

Next question, i have the active aqua 1110gph air pump with 5" vivosun round airstones. Is my pump big enough to run 8 5" stones. Im finding mixed answers in my research

Last question for the day, haha! I want to run CANNA AQUA nutrients. They seem a little expensive in a 60 gallon system to change out everyweek. Do you need to flush everweek? Or can i top off if everything looks good (ppm and ph)? Also, they have an additive called CANNAZYM. Its for root health but i feel like i want to run hydroguard for my roots (based on high reviews during my research) Now would i run both root nutrients (cannazym and hydroguard) or pick one?

Thanks in advance guys! Sorry to be a pita my first post but ive been researching for a couple months and want to make sure everything is gonna be doing good my first go! Very excited about my new venture. Cheers!


I’m going to follow along

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I keep same water the entire grow, I use ph& ppm monitor your keep a constant eye on what is inside the system

Then I mix 5 gallon buckets with what I feel the plant needs at that point in its life and add to my reservoir.

Hydro is really easy, best of luck

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Thanks @PharmerBob. I feel like with good water flow and good nutrients there shouldnt be too much build up in the water or a consentration of a particular nute. Id think your res stays pretty clear? What nutrients do you use?

I use Jack’s nutrients, and change water every 2 weeks. I also have a reservoir for each container. Each container holds 6plants.


General hydroponics flora series and advanced line up

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Inline filter on return line keeps system clean.

Current culture has one for about $50 or just look at theirs and then search for them in sprinkler systems and rain bird or a few others have cheaper ones.

I’ll answer more as I read what you asked.

Round airstone discs plug easy, best to buy the 2x2 ones that r like a cylinder.

I tried cannazyme or however it’s spelled. I use only sensizyme as an addative now. No hydroguard because I use a chiller. 68f

Your water pump will not harm roots. Its sufficient for water flow.

Push water or pull water. Matter of preference I believe but I copy current culture and they pull water. Either way its pulling and pushing. Same thing

Air pump may not be enough, I used 2 1170gph when I used that style for 4 pails. More air=cleaner roots , rolling boil look to surface of water works excellent.

I use Jack’s 321 nutrients and change res at start of flower. Not needed another time so far. But if it ever goes squirrely on me I have a drain line connected so I just open a valve to drain out if house and let the ro fill it back up. Ro is connected to res with a float valve.


Thanks @BetrayedSoul, some good info! Im going to look into inline filters.:+1:

Best is just buying a pump bag. It filters everything out and you can have replacements handy at rez change.

FYI make sure you can maintain temps below 70F in rez and grow pots. A chiller is almost a necessity. You can try to MacGyver something but trust me; everything has been tried lol.

I’m using Jack’s as well and transitioned to Autopots: we’ll see how they do. Several growers are rocking those things.

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I see almost everyone runs a cooler, thanks @Myfriendis410. My res is gonna be outside of my grow tent to keep temps down for now. Im actually going to have the opposite problem and need to run an aquarium heater. My grow spot doesnt have heat and we are entering winter months. Im sure the summer months will be a different story… how cold is too cold of a res temp?

Somewhere low 60’s is said slows nutrients uptake or some ish, I’ve had them as low as 60-62 steadily without issues

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