New guy here.. just getting my feet wet need all the help

Hey guys…I messed up a lot so far…
Sooooo first question is… I have a 4x4 tent with a beelux led 1000 w light…
Do I need to add another one?
Question 2 is…
I made a mistake and hit my flower pot and my seedling came out… it still has the root
Can I still plant it?
And what’s a good temp and humidity to keep tent

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Your light isn’t going to produce well in that large of space. I wouldn’t double down on another either. Depending on what your goals are I would probably recommend going with higher performance light.

You can try replanting, may come back depending on how much stress it took.


As far as the seedling I put it back so fast lol
I hope all goes well…
What light do you recommend?? I prefer leds

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Dude! I did that last nigh too. lol!

I was so pissed, but I was able to replant them.


What kind of harvest weight are you hoping to get? If you want to try and max out capabilities of a 4x4 tent with leds it will take some $.

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Yeah man…hurts your soul

Definitely try to max…but I’m growing autos
Does that make a difference?

Welcome to the community! Main thing for newbie is ask questions you will get a response and there is a ton of help around here for lighting. Ask questions and do your research and find what best fits your needs and budget. New myself and learning the lighting curve

. As for your temp/RH hope this helps.

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Welcome. Growing autos is ok the buds on an auto plant already come out a bit softer and airy compared to a photo type plant or regular seed. With a cheaper light or lights it will cause any bud to be light and airy. Now u put cheaper lighting on a bud thats already gonna come out a bit on the lighter airy side and what do u get. Green and orange cotton balls u can smoke. Believe me ive been thru it. To save u alot of kicks in the ass wofe yelling and screaming because u spent a grand on lights that bow sit in the closet because noone will buy them. Yep. Thats me buddy. I just kept adding a light and a light and a light til i hit 10 blurples then said screw it tried hlg loghts man are they great lights. :laughing: if u can get it and want to rock out ur 4x4 and plan on sticking to the growing. Get a hlg 650r and one of the hlg 30uva bars u will have one bad azz setup. 6 inch ac infinity exhaust any kind of intake fan. Thats the main of the grow. Light being number 1 exhaust number 2 and then the rest is basically what u can afford will work out. Good luck bud.


I have a cloud line t6
Budget isn’t that bad…just wanna make sure my autos get the best

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Welcome to the community!
You have a nice size tent and a good brand fan, so great start.
unfortunately, the light is more on the wtf side :wink: but, if you keep going, it could end up being ok in your seedling area as you expand.
You seem to have the right attitude and are willing to invest (for the girls of course).

Not sure how long you have been reading the forum since this is your first post, but you already have one of the top peeps on your thread for lighting recommendations. (my expertise is limited to "omg, thats a blurple??, that CAN’T be good).

if you respond to the question that @dbrn32 posted, you will be on your way.

Good luck


Lol thanks

My best producing plant was killed at least twice. Maybe three times. Never give up on them.


I would maybe look at hlg-600r from horticulture lighting group. They were on sale last I knew, which is pretty good value imo.

The autos won’t necessarily matter, you just want to make sure you get a full canopy. That can be a little more tricky with autos.

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What about a Mars hydro ts 2000?

Not as good as hlg in my opinion and not really big enough to flower a 4x4.

I put a Spiderfarmer SF4000 (2020 version)in a 4x4. I watched some testing and it seems to be a good fit in the testers opinion.

Seems to be a good fit. Price is reasonable.


I did the same thing but I quite at 3 and bought a HLG320 best $485 I spent my autos get solid buds. I think the efficiency alone pays for itself before the light is used up

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@dbrn32, so you would recommend HLG-600r for a 4 x 4?

i am trying to start my own dbrn32 HLG model per coverage cheat sheet. still making decisions on what i would LIKE my grow area will end up like as i get better. i can see that having a sep clone/seedling area is nice. and veg can be pretty flexible depending how long you keep them, etc. but once you hit Flower, you really need to know how many plants and a much more specific size/configuration to get better yields.

Flower is where i need to budget for the future.

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Absolutely! Therd are a few lights i like a little more, but hlg-600 is currently $700. If you want better light from big name its going to cost almost double.