New growth yellowing

Here’s (2) pictures of my White Widow taken (1) week apart. There’s been a lot of growth in a week but the new growth edges are a little yellow. The plant is now (5) weeks old and yesterday , because of the yellowing, I gave it a very mild nutrient watering. Fox Farm Big Grow, Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom. Each 1/4 what they suggested. Am I doing the right thing?

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Yeah sounds good you need to give it a few day to see if it helped
You don’t need tiger bloom unless your in flower 12/12 cycle
I also had to use cal mag with the trio FYI
What’s run off ph
Do you ff feeding schedule @joe1

Thanks for getting back to me, You always do! My PH is 6.0 and I’ll stop using the tiger bloom right now. This is the first feeding I did yesterday.

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Yeah save your $ lol with the tiger bloom start using when you flip to 12/12

Just in case you don’t have it
I just use it as a guide I don’t follow exactly I adjust for my situation :+1::v::cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks! Will do.

I missed it if you said what your growing medium is but it looks like soil. With a ph of 6, you might be clipping magnesium intake, causing the yellowing. Let others chime in but just a thought.

Eh, looking closer It doesn’t look like a mag deficiency.

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I’m using Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

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Good stuff. That’s what I use.

I wish someone lived on the North Shore so they could give me some onsite advise.

I do but we can’t share personal info so it’s tough

@Majiktoker is normally around. He can tell you, I’m sure.

Too bad. I need hep.

You seem to be doing alright man!

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You do want to use PH 6.5-6.6 and that’s measured and adjusted after adding your nutrients. That will help regardless of this issue.

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Okay, I’ll up the PH a little. Thanks!


Also, tap water? If so, be sure to leave it sit open for at least 24 hours before using.

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I am using tap water. 24 hours before I adjust the PH?

Thanks for jumping in @Matthew420 must have missed where he posted ph
Good looking brother
Sorry @joe1 I should have mentioned that also my bad :v:️:blush:

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