New growth yellow

New growth lime green to yellow, started 2wks ago

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I’m kinda dealing with the same problem. Wonder what it could be. Maybe to much nitrogen.

New growth will be much lighter but will eventually darken. Theres some leaves in the pics that are already turning darker. Its normal imo. They look good! Happy growing!



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Whats have the temps been in your area the past few weeks?

This looks like an iron deficiency.


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What could help with iron deficiency? Calmag? I think I have the same issue. Just took these

Uploading: 20210706_133338.jpg…
Uploading: 20210706_133343.jpg…

Uploading: 20210706_133258.jpg(1)…
This is my Auto

They look normal. Color will fill in as the plant matures. New growth is always a lighter shade of green. That is normal.


Ok thought it was to much nitrogen. Can tiger bloom be used at this stage maybe 2 or 3ml or there has to be bud growing to start those nutes

Yes. That is an okay amount for plants in veg.

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Ok cool they are coming up on a week since I flipped to 12/12 they are getting taller. The next feed I’m going to try Tiger bloom see how they like it. An ditch the grow big

Nitrogen is very important during the first couple of weeks of flowering through the stretch.

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So don’t ditch it lol wouldn’t that be to much nitrogen I hear Tiger Bloom is pretty potent