New growth wilting... watering issue?

Planted ten seeds… 8 germinated. After a few days, each growth was about 3.5-4" tall. Then started to wilt and fold over. Too much water? Not enough? Opinions?

To get the best possible answers to your issues I would fill one of these out as detailed as possible.

But my first question would be water schedule and what type or light along with light distance?

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I’m using fluorescent grow lights during the seedling stage, at apx. 12" height above soil. Watering is just enough sprays from a water bottle to get the surface fully wet, twice per day.

I would bring the the light closer but not having all the info is hard to say and dome them. Mist the dome as the first week or so the will feed off humidity. That need to be high along with about 70 degrees


That my friend is your problem. Way too much water…just spray the inside of the dome.
The soil should be just slightly moist, not wet.

Your plants are likely “damping off” which is caused by over watering. Most common beginner mistake, don’t feel bad.
Looks like @Jbum has you well covered.


Haha we must have typed at the same time lol

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Thanks, gentlemen.

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Look here…

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