New growth wilting 2 weeks into flowering

Hi, i’m almost 2 weeks into flowering of a CBD White Widow and i’m seeing some, not all, of the top growth with small flowers (pre-flowers?) wilting. they are about 18" under a king plus 1000w led on 12/12, 70-75 degrees, 50%ish humidity, good ventilation. the plant is 3.5 months old. i’ve reduced N and increased PK over the last 3 weeks using fox farms trio and cal mag. my cheap pH soil tester shows a little over 7 (i think the high pH has led to slow growth of my young plants but they have done very well otherwise). EC going in last feeding was 2.2. i fed 5 days ago and yesterday morning (i had been water-only every other).

the wilting seems to be on one side with the rest of the plant looking great. note: some of the new growth/flowering that looks fine is closer to the lights (3rd and 4th pics), so i don’t think its too much light.

an update: the plant is looking worse today. more stem/branch wilting and the leaves don’t look as healthy. the leaves are getting softer and there are a few yellow/brown leaves underneath. i’ve invested 3.5 months into this…i can’t lose it now!

the pH of the tap water i’ve been using is 7.1 to 7.15, but drops closer to 7.0 when sitting over night. i flushed last night and this morning and the run off shows a ph of 5.08 (way too low?) and EC 2.54.

its a 3 gallon pot…could it be rootbound and could that cause this? i don’t have this problem with other plants in the same room.

any advice?

browning in the middle of the leaves:

Looks like it’s overwatered. Unless you haven’t watered.
Being rootbound can cause ph swings, and under overwatering situations. The main thing is when you give it water, the roots are packed into the medium and they don’t get enough air.
Then when it dries out, it dries fast, because the plant is too large in the root space it has.

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thanks @covertgrower. definitely not under watered, but I haven’t had watering/feeding issues for 3 1/2 months, so unless it has to do with switching to flower, i think its something else. roughly the same schedule with the other plants that don’t have this problem, but they are smaller and would have smaller rootballs. what does the brown in the middle of the leaves tell you? too much food? is it too late to up pot?

i will let it dry out after flushing and see what happens, but it looks like its dying. if it is dying, can i take clones off of it?

Looks like a root issue to me. Flush and reset, keep nutes below 1,000 ppm and get rid of the soil tester: it’s junk. You need to invest in decent meters, calibration solution and PH up and down.

I’m guessing a combo of pythium (root rot) and pot bound.

That soil probe meter you are using is less accurate than dipping your own finger in the soil.

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Thanks, I’m gonna up pot now.

My digital ph meter came in the mail last night and I have an EC meter.

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Looks like an outdoor grow and I would say a animal or something has been crawling through it which explains the bent branching everywhere. You can see the one bud is snapped sideways which is probably detached enough to be causing its leaves to die…

I have a small percentage of being correct.

@Myfriendis410 The bottom of the pot was all brownish, wet roots. not really mushy and no odor. the roots on the side of the root ball were mostly dry and whitish. i peeled off the bottom layer of wet roots and move to a larger pot with new soil in the bottom and around the sides. i’ll let it dry until the pot gets light then carefully reintroduce nutes. the more i read i realize maybe i should have removed more roots or treated the roots…do i need to go back in there and clean up more? i’m hopeful she will recover.

@BetrayedSoul Its an indoor grow that was getting some fresh air and sunshine for the day.


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The fact the roots were disturbed accounts for all of the issues you are currently having. I would not remove any more; the fact it was soaked on the bottom tells you the pot is not ideal and your watering practices need to improve. It might recover, it might be stunted and it might die. But right now I’d say water only and only after pot dries out. (this is where fabric pots are king)

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