New growth? Pre flower? Or a healthy boy?

Hi all. I’m 10 days into 12/12 and this plant grew taller than the others and started doing this. I’ve looked at a ton of pictures and I believe this is a boy but as I’ve never grown a plant I need input before I dispose of it. I believe it is a pineapple kush. Vegged for 2 months. No professional set up. A friend just had a few seeds and I like a challenge.

You’re right. Sorry, but that’s a male with definite balls.

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That’s what I thought. Just didn’t know if I should wait to see if any hairs would grow out of those areas. Thank you so much for the quick reply.

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Yep, it’s a boy! Sorry.

It’s ok. I really only have enough light for one plant anyway. 3 left but I’m pretty sure he has a brother in there.

Any other taller ones? Check them, for sure. Males do tend to grow taller, faster, in order to make sure they can hit more pistils with their pollen.


The one pictured above is the second tallest. Definitely looks like a brother to me. The other two are growing completely differently.

Like basketball players