New growth monster crop plants. Need advise on LST, NUTES

This is my new indoor growing of 17 monster crop plants. Need advise on previsions on weight and but size harvest.Because are very bushy plants with a lot of middle size top flowers. First picture is today. Second one is older.They are 2 weeks from 12/12 switch


Cant answer your question but WOW! nice grow!

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well look who’s back! hahaha @Teddy78 How ya going brother? Wow look at that tent will you! Sweet!

LST is probably too late. Once they go into flower the stems harden off and you really can’t so much. How are the stems?

As far as nutrients I forget so you live in the US? Have you used nutes in the past?


Hi @bob31 i live in europe. Yes i come back after some mistakes on early flowering plants. So i try revegg and monster crop all plants. Plus i try bud clones reveg. And this tent is what i have now Revegged plants have a different kind of stem than normal plants. More woody but gummy at same time till now. For nutes i used alga plus npk 20/20/20 for veg. Now for flower i start 8/16/24 npk. But these are very different from usual plants in shape, in growth, in bud sites and bud size… so i need more info possible for not mistake . I think it is very interesting and really with only 2 plants you can cover a grow tent very fast. But this massive growth will give weight and good buds when harvested? I have no place more for walk around my plants. I must be careful checking bugs every other day and it is very difficult without space

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Let you see my outdoor plant. I forgot I had this plant till I had to make a work in that place. She is in pot but she take water and nutrients from a corn crop irrigation near her.


wow that’s a serious growing weed there @Teddy78