New growth is ripped and gnarled any ideas

Plants started at the first of may, they have been doing great until a couple of days ago.
gave plants full strength Fox Farm nutrients for the first time 5 days ago. Big Bloom 3tsp /gal, Grow Big 3 tsp / gal, Tiger Bloom 2 tsp / gal. I had only given it Grow big a few times during the grow prior to this. The top shoots are ripped, wholly and curled.
The soil PH is 7.5 - 8. Nutrients added to PH 6 water.
Planted in the ground with some native soil, Perlite, Ocean forest, Happy Frog Potting Soil.
Temps during the day in the mid to upper 80’s, nights in the low 50’s. Just had 2 big rain storms 2 days prior to these pics.

Any help is appreciated.

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She may have gotten a little to much phosphorus, fox farm nutrients are usually enriched with it, she may need to just have regular water and get flushed And she’ll snap back for ya

Thank you for the quick reply. I just ran 5 gal of water on them, I’ll give them regular water for a week and see how it looks.
Thanks again.

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Ok, please keep me updated, and my pleasure

Here is an update.
They look like they are just starting to enter flowering.

I think it is starting to look a little better, still not there yet. The growth has slowed a lot so I think it is going to take some more time to really know. I have noticed that the inner and under foliage looks nice so I also put a mesh shade canopy above them to see if that helps the top growth. I don’t know if the shade is going to be an issue or not. They are still getting more lite than indoor lights.
When it comes around I will post some new photos.

This is my first so I am still trying to figure things out.
One thing I have noticed is these have not needed nearly as much nutrients as Fox Farm suggests.

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No fox farm nutrients are extremely potent and a little goes a long way. The shade will definately help them. Does the new growth look healthy?

It is not so ripped and gnarled but the growth is small and puny
It is making me nervous.

Can you tell what stage it is in?

The soil for cannabis really needs to be closer to 6.5, and absolutely the high pH can cause nutrient deficiencies, i.e. “nutrient lock out” or nutrient toxicities.

You really need your soil’s pH to be closer to 6.5

Happy growing,


What would you recommend to lower the soil PH? When I gave them Nutes, I would adjust the water to 6.0 after adding the nutes. I honestly don’t know how accurate my meter is.
Interestingly the photo is exactly where my soil reads. It does fluctuate and settles as this image shows.
This image came from a web add.

I wouldn’t advise one with metal probes, get a pen, and yes wish I woulda noticed that when I read it the first time, your ph should come down to 6.5 as @MacGyverStoner mentioned above.

And yes she is just starting to flower, get the ph straightened out and I’ll bet that problem will go away my friend

listen to Majiktoker. those style will only give you head aches … has inexpensive ph meters less then 50.oo. then you can do an accurate testing . and reap the benefits,happy growing .Hammer

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