New growth, flower 12/12?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve had a plant going for about 1 MO or so. Maybe lol longer. It’s indoors and stands approx 6 in. And has 6 sets of branches. I mis read and cut off the bottom 4 sets. That left me w 2 at the top. I let that go for about 2-3 days and then last night I topped it. The bottom for sets branches were takin off down to main stalk almost. Good thing is at every V I’ve got new growth so I don’t think I messed up to bad but need to know if the new foliage needed to be fully grown in to start the flower. 12-12??? Or should I wait. Just so you know also I do still have two sets, 4 total big leafs at very top. And top just got pinched off. Thank you so much for your feedback.

what are your space constraints I wouldn’t flower so small a plant myself and certainly would want more foliage since that is where your plants get energy to bud from and a seedling isn’t mature until 2 months imo.

It may be closer to two MO old and I’m in no rush just didn’t know if I needed to let branches come back at v or if that would happen at flower. I keep hearing plant gets twice as big.

They do get bigger but the healthier the plant is at start of flower the bigger it’s buds are

This is tonight right before it’s lights out. I water w Tap water that has been sitting for hrs, the phone is is norm )6. 8 and 7.2. Started foxfarm grow big and bloom. Just this am and this is it going to sleep. Someone mentioned over water and that’s what thought as well. But w the fan on it for approx 2 maybe 3 hrs twice a day it dries out that first few in of soil. She is in a 5 gal which I’ll never do that again. Lol. Newest is still good growth but now purple on top pair stems leaves wilting. I’ve got led prob. I had an aphid and water problem so I just transplanted last night. The 4 original leaves are of course huge and just dropping w purple stems. Got all new good growth in the lower 4 and she’s starting to respond to the topping which is good news. What shall I do w the shade leaves? Now remember I pruned all but these top two pair. Uploading… I used very light weight medium this time

Also I’ve got I wanna say 30w of led. I’ve got another fixture just no more led. Should I use a 65w flood , 60 w 780 lumen incandescent, or 14 w curly q