New growth devastation


I don’t have a crow box yet. What do you do when something falls in your plant and it breaks off a piece of the new growth?


@RKIP The only thing you can really do is just let it go. If you have any pictures that would be helpful. I am hoping that too much did not get damaged. Its more about how the plant will handle the stress than what you can do. Just learn from the mistakes and move on. Best thing you can do in my opinion.


It’s a part of the main stem with 2 nodes on it with 2 new nodes growing on top of those


tape it back together if you can…sometimes it works


@RKIP , trust me on this…get some honey a thin stick or tooth pic and duc tape.
And then put some honey on the break point place
Have a pic’s of tape ready and rap it tight.
The Honey is a natural healent leave it like that for two weeks and I garentee she’ll mend right together. I use this evey time it happens to me


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You realize you could use that grafting method to have one plant produce multiple strains of buds …:nerd_face:


@RKIP If it is too late to tape it back, don’t worry it is the equivalent of topping it and new growth will replace it.


I don’t think it was salvaged at all. I tried the tape thing. Didn’t have any honey but I’ll just probably try and clone. But other than that I’ll post a pic. Smh it really hurts my feelings when things like this happen :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:. I’m definitely purchasing a tent SOON


I lost a top that was 6" long when I first tried super cropping. That plant just took a little more veg time and you hardly noticed it. Growth is slow for the first say 12" inches of height then it takes off like crazy if you have good light and environment.


This the GL Strain


Not sure that branch will make it but the plant looks good. The other branch will take off. The lower branches will come up too so yeah, hate to loose a runner branch but with patience you can recoup the loss.


You should be fine this little guy has had mites been taken out of the grow medium and left on her side for over a hour and had me drop a light on her then over watering . They are a amazing survivor and should always be given the chance to come back ,just look how deformed this is . Oh and i had to trim dying top off of her also .
The support group on here are dialed in on how to save a plant and more than generous with thier time and effort . I listen to them better than I do my own Dr. The stumpy one sprouted at the same time as the other one and they talked me through it so just grab the stone from thier hand grasshopper and you will be fine


Thank you elder ghopper. I will take you advice. Use it I shall :pray:t6: