New growth clawing up

Why are the new growth clawing up is it heat stress any suggestions


She look healthy and pretty I don’t see nothing bad on you plants

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How old is you plant? Is auto or photos
What stain it is?

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Ok I’m a novice so I’m not seeing any thing bad.
If someone can help me see the clawing much appreciated as I’m here to learn what to watch out for

The little girl is Auto Ak fem planted 5/2 the other is a bagseed planted 4/15

He talk about the new leaf but thats normal

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You plants are healthy don’t worry

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Ok thank you I see roots popping out the bottom of the pot would that stop growth?

Thank you maybe better pictures would help hold on lol

Roots popping out bottom does not sound great :confused:

What dice pots. Might need bigger but don’t know if transplant would be good. If autos, they don’t like the shock

Yea I guess I need to transplant ASAP you think?

I’m a noob, I’d say yeah but wait for more seasoned vets to comment. Don’t want to steer you wrong

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I understand I’m new to this is my first grow

Well your plants look great

Then I do 4 plants on my first grow like I know what I’m doing :man_facepalming:

That’s how fabric pots work.
Roots grow to and sometimes slightly through the fabric. the air stops them. Referred to as air pruning. The plant develops more and denser root growth which benefits the plant. In a plastic pot the roots hit the edge and start circling until its rootbound.
So its nothing to worry about. Some of us actually use it to our advantage as you can simply put a smaller pot inside a larger one and the roots will grow through the small fabric pot and on into the larger one. I have one like than right now.
Autos in a 3gal fabric pot are fine. No need to transplant.


Damn my girlfriend got it right if you’re saying he can put his plant in a larger pot fabric pot and all

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The roots are coming out the bottom of the plastic pot so it’s ok?

Yes, you can do that.

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I’m not telling her she got it, she got a big enough head as it is.

Jk I got to give her the cred