New growth and older showing discoloration please help

Strain, type: TRAINWRECK

Medium (soil, hydroponic, etc.): FFOF 5 GAL FABRIC POT

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: dont have runoff of last watering because I didn’t flush will update next watering, but my pH going in is always in the 6.35 to 6.45 range

Strength of nutrient mix, EC, or TDS: last feeding 1450

Indoor or outdoor: INDOOR

Light system, size: PHILIZON 1200W

Temps day, night: 75-79 day, 68-70 night

Humidity day, night: 55-60 day, 50-55

Ventilation system (yes/no, size): hurricane 12 inch clip fan, 6 inch in line fan pointing out to help let air escape

AC, humidifier, de-humidifier: no

Co2 (yes/no): no

Can anyone explain what is happening with my plants? new growth is kinda pale green/yellow on only half the leaf.

New growth at bottom affected too

Not as bad on this plant #2 but loos like early signs to me

Looks like it’s all new growth. They do have that lime green appearance when new and growing rapidly. They’ll darken a bit as they age and match the rest. @Lucc89

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Thanks @Covertgrower I’ve been stressing about it for like two or 3 days now I didn’t notice that some of the older leave have gotten their regular color. But that bottom growth site doesn’t look like interveinal chlorosis to you? I instantly started searching and thought zinc but this is my first grow so I’ll leave it if that’s what you think.

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Grab that runoff ph before doing anything drastic, check the ppm of runoff too. What are using to get your feed to 1450ppm?


@dbrn32 definitely gonna get it asap just watered yesterday should be ready tomorrow. And 3 tsp bloom 2 tsp grow big 1tsp cal mag 1tsp root enzyme up from 1.5 tsp bloom .75 grow big 1tsp calmag 1tsp root enzyme.

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*Update runoff pH 6.37 (watered with 6.45) runoff ppms 818