New growth 3 1/2 weeks after germ

Ben about 3 weeks, how do they look.


Looks great to me a little compact but that’s not an issue

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What do you mean compact

Should I add more light

Looking big and bushy :ok_hand:, maybe you could raise the light a tad just to expand the noding, keep the leaves off the dirt if you can, could we get a pic with natural light please, maybe abit more info on your set up? Lights being used, space size, strain, ? Would be great :+1:

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Just short and bushy is all

45 watt grow light about 4"from plants. 24x48x80 grow tent. Don’t know strain.


You Are going to need more lighting than that when you begin to flower. That’s not enough for just one plant

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@HornHead is right. You will definitely need more light as they age. Not enough nor penetrative enough. But they look great for 3 weeks.


What they ^^^ said :slight_smile:

Looking beautiful I wish I grew inside I have been wanting to buy a full spectrum light for growing and I love purple plants mmmm

Raised the lights for a little growth