New Grower, Yellow seedling. Looking for Guidance

Hi everyone,
I am completely new and started with an autoflower (zkittles)

The image shown is of my seedling on day 6 (since sprouting) on day 4 there was some yellowing in center but I thought it would soon go away.

List of my setup:

  1. zkittles auto
  2. Soil and coco mix + perlite
  3. 4 gallon pot
  4. ph of all water has been between 6 and 6.5
  5. indoor grow 2x2x4 tent
  6. 900w led (actual wattage is 200)
  7. Temps have been steady between 75f and 80f with light on and 68-72 with lights off.
  8. Humidity was an issue early, I left the humidifier on all night on accident and it spike to around 90% and caused a small gnat issue. I then let the soil dry up and sprayed neem oil mix and Diatomaceous earth on the top layer of soil. After that issue RH has been steady at around 50-60%
    9.Ventilation: Yes 4" fan and carbon filter
  9. AC: No, Dehumidifier: No, Humidifier: Yes
    11: Co2: No

I have lightly watered after the gnat issue, and gave 4 ounces of water with flora nova grow at 300ppm yesterday.
I have read that I probably should not have done that.

Could anyone offer any plans moving forward with this grow or what could be causing this issue.

Any help is really appreciated
Thank you!

What kind of soil? If it’s a super soil you should hold off on nutrients until TDS out is around 800 or so. That small of a seedling only needs to be watered lightly with a mister on the soil. Temp/humidity seems ok but I’m no expert. I’ll tag a few experts for you @covertgrower @Myfriendis410

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Thanks @Caligurl really appreciate it.

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It is super soil and I did notice some light nute burn I’m just using water with a 6.0ph now.

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Looks like it might be damping off. They don’t need much water at this size. Misting doesn’t really accomplish much though. Try watering in small amounts in a circle slight larger than the span of the leaves. Also, in soil your pH should be 6.5-6.8


How about a picture in white light

I’ll like to suggest an alternative watering regimen.

The number 1 reason for seedling problems is the way they get watered. If you water it just a little on a daily schedule then the roots will have no reason to develop. The few roots that do develop will get soggy, and you get root rot. The leaves on your seedling start turning yellow because the root system is compromised.

You need to soak your pot. As it dries out the seedlings roots will develop as they search out the moisture in the bottom of the pot. In a 4 gallon pot you shouldn’t need to water a seedling for at least 5-7 days.

You’re just asking for drowning the plant. This is the major reason seasoned growers pot up as the plant grows; simply to control water. Roots on actively growing plant will go six inches in a day regardless of top watering sparingly. Cannabis is considered a shallow rooted plant anyway. Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you for the suggestion! The pot was definitely pretty dry I had gave no water other than spraying and the 4ozs before this.

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