New Grower Yellow leaves

Amen to that :love_you_gesture:


Amen!!! :pray: is right growmie learning everyday. Knowledge is power!!!

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Amen!!! :pray: is right growmie learning everyday. Knowledge is power!!! @BigItch we get Complacent and think we can skip a regimen and then bam! Something goes wrong and we learn from it. well i hope :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley::grinning:

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Still working with the plant. Not much to do now except water it. Everyone has helped.
@OGIncognito thanks for the information. If I go to Cocoa I will let you know.

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Hey @OGIncognito, I have been going over my notes on this grow and I have read in a lot of places where a flush is required. It was on me that I didn’t realize I was in soil. Hell, I didn’t even realize there were different “rules” for different types of grows! We are here to learn and I have learned a ton. Thanks again!

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Live and learn Grow Bro. I’ve learned a ton from the cultivators on here the last year and 1/2 and recently organic grows that have a different set of rules. I started in soil went to coco back to soil for 1 grow and went back to coco :joy::joy:. Coco is a personal choice and you have all the control as far as daily feeding and run off basically making medium issues go away :love_you_gesture:

@BigItch I am probably 2 weeks away from cutting the plant. Other than water, is there anything else I should do? I am at day 46 of flower, tons of tricombs but still milky on the buds but amber on the sugar leaves. Light is 6 inches at 100% power 18/6, 82 degrees and 58% humidity.
Are there any changes to the light schedule for this indoor grow? Getting close, I don’t want to screw up now!

Thanks Again!

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Not much you can do but wait it out. 46 days IMO leaves you about about 3 weeks out. Most finish between 9-12 weeks of flower.
I don’t know much about your lighting but I generally dial mine back to 75% by now and the last week or so 50% ,it helps avoid foxtails. I also think it helps them finish stronger.
If you’re not noticing foxtails then stay on course but that close with the light that high you are probably seeing some.
Keep watching your bud trichomes :muscle::100:

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OK, thanks. I’ll start turning down the light.

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@BigItch @Growcoast @VirginiaGrowBoy
BigItch had the same grow as I have now. I have followed him along on this forum and he has helped tremendously. You guys chimed in, which I appreciate, so I will include you in this forum.

The plant has fully recovered, I think. The coli are large and heavy. Tried to put in another trellis net but it’s kinda half assed. Next grow I can plan all of this in advance. My small 2.3x2.3 is FULL. I have the following: plant, fan, dehumidifier, light, exhaust fan and a trellis stand that I had to make! Everything is touching the other parts inside of the tent except the light and exhaust fan! I will upgrade to a 3x4 tent next grow. (This hobby is not cheap!!)

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Seems to me all that netting is weighing you down. I would personally pull all that off of there. Your colas should be able to stand on their own without snapping. You’re so close even if one did you’d still get an excellent bud.
You are within days of harvest based on your picture

OK. The coli on the sides are bending over and a few of them actually point down. I was trying to make them face the light. With them this close, it won’t hurt to have them leaning over? I got sticky as hell when I was handling them.
Thanks @BigItch, I do appreciate your input.


It would seem to me that the netting grid needs to shortened and tightened. The colas can be threaded thru then lean on the grid… if the netting is limp then no support.

I had to cut my grid and reattach the hooks for the 4 tent uprights in order for mine to give support.

Sorry can’t find any old photos to demonstrate what I had to do to modify the original net that was too big

Leaning is fine. You’re at the end, doing anything now is just you tinkering. Your plant needs nothing but light and water. You’ll be done in days.
Congratulations :tada::clap::tada:

Still waiting…The tricombs are milky and a few are amber. Light is 50% at 8 inches. Watered today.

I have removed the blue trellis.

This is definitely the hard part. It hurry up and wait. Not much you can do, you can drop your light hours down by an hour to try and promote finishing up. sometimes this helps sometimes I feel like it’s the same.
Keep watching

OK. I have changed the light to 17 - 7. As the tricombs become more amber how long before harvest should I do the last watering? I think (for a first time grower) I have about 10 days left. I water every three days.

I water right up till harvest.