New Grower Wonders

No worries that’s pretty cool. Indeed it is a mad world but what can we do but live in it.

How do you prefer to germinate your seeds @QueenCityB? I’m plan on soaking them until they sink and either try the wet towel method or right into the soil. See if one works better than the other for me.

I’m probably not the one to ask. I’m not a scientist about that at all, more like a country gardener. I stick my finger in damp soil, plop the seed in, brush a little damp soil on top and stick the container under a dome with a light. Not sure it’s ever taken more than three days.


Either of those methods work, paper towel is generally 95% success rate.


Think of chess, as one army trying to conquer another and you’ll do fine @QueenCityB.

@ADouce, it really is an exciting hobby isn’t it, you have definitely come to right place if you want to learn how to not just grow, but cultivate, I have learned more on this forum in recent months, than in 20 years of sneaking around and hiding, wait I still do that :joy:, but at least I can be my true self here, on this amazing forum,
amongst friends :v:


Hi, I’m 1st timer just starting out. What is FFOF? Is it the soil?

Hii @rbwattsy2 I’m new too, but hopefully this helps…

FFOF = FoxFarm Ocean Forest and its a popular potting soil. I’ve read a lot of ppl use it on this forum. Seems pretty good with enough nutrients to get most plants through the first few weeks. The bags say its ph’d to a level good for growing too. Some folks start out using FFHF (FoxFarm Happy Frog) soil first when the plants are young and in solo cups and transplanting them into a bigger pot using FFOF. So my guess that FFOF has a high amount of nutrients and the FFHF is a gentler mix for seedlings.

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@QueenCityB Hahaha. I can’t lie I do feel like a scientist and my grow tent is my laboratory. There’s so many techniques and things to try growing weed. So many test you can run to learn how growing plants really works.

@Enlightened420 Yep def an exciting hobby. lol Its just comforting to have a place to learn about all this stuff. I love this forum already. The community is really helpful and active. I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary reading these posts and journals. Loving it though.


I’m growing gorilla glue autos now and I started them in 5 gallon fabric pot from beginning. Here is a pic of them now 7 weeks from seed. Fox farm ocean forest


@StealthBearcat niice plant! She looks tall too amongst that forest of greenery. One day, I’ll have a forest of my own. #goals

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The one in the back is approaching 4ft tall. It was only supposed to get 3 ft lol. This is my first grow but I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

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1 of the Best I know about Auto’s is @blackthumbbetty. She is a Wealth of info


Oh and Glad to meet you @ADouce

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@Rick3 nice to you meet as well. I appreciate all the leads.

@StealthBearcat Thanks and I guessed about that tall. I don’t have all that much space so I have to figure out how to tie her down or scrog or something if GG grows that tall.

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Thanks, @Rick3!

So far, my only comment concerns tent size: 2 plants MAX in your tent, @adouce. Seems everyone else has you pointed in the right direction for your other questions.

Welcome and here’s to your future harvests!


Thanks for stopping by @blackthumbbetty. Hoping to upgrade to a second tent soon. Would a 3rd plant be possible if grown in smaller pots? I envision a closet of little stocky weed bushes lol

Anything is possible… it’s weed.:blush:

Happy 4/20 :wind_face::leaves::fire::dash: Now that life has settled into the new normal… it’s finally time to grow. And it’s 4/20 so hopefully some good luck from the weed fairies​:fairy:‍♂ . Below is my lineup w/ some tweaks from the original.

1 - Bubblecious
2 - Gorilla Glue

I attached a pic of how I germinated them. I soaked them in water for 20 hours and they all sunk. Then sandwiched them between moist napkins laid on saucers. I put both saucers in a large plastic bag and kept them warm on top of a heating pad on the lowest setting. 24 hours later and so far we have first shows of taproots on 2 and the last one looks like it’s peeking through the crack in the seed. I’m so excited! :laughing:


Happy 420, like bankrupt as usual,
have a splendiferous day.
Good vibes and good luck :v:


Happy 421…lol. Good luck bro!


We have a sprout!!! Bubblicous (BB) poked her little head through this morning. Its been 4 days since planting seed. At first i thought she lost a starter “leaf” but after closer inspection they’re both there just still closed together like praying hands. Domes off now that we see green.

No news on the Gorilla Glues so we’ll see how things look next week :grimacing:

Thankfully getting the swing of controlling the environment. A few more tweaks that I want to make to the tent and I’ll be satisfied. Well for now…

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