New grower with questions

Gorwing white widow auto flower from a 4x4x80 mars hydro tent with 2000w LED light. Using 50:50 ocean forest and happy frog soil.mix. avergae temp is 78 degrees with 50% humidity. 20 on 4 off light cycle.The pics are about 4 weeks in. I feel these.look good but there is some yellowing at some of the base flowers. Is it time to start feeding? Or is this a bit of nute burn from the orginal.transplanting? I also topped the 2 plants on the left and the 2 on the right i left alone to see if it would give me different yields. These look bushy possibly from having the light too low for a bit. Should i trim them? Or because flower should i just let them grow? My soil ph tester blows BUT my runoff average of all 4 is PH 7.1 tDS 12 before and PH 5.5 and TDS 500 after. The fertilizer i got from ilgm reads TDS 100 and ph 5.8 in a gallon of distilled H2O after the proper amount added. Does my TDS tester suck too? Its thw vivosun tester from amazon.i appreciate any and all help


I’m no expert by any stretch. I have I clone growing in happy frog and was told to start feeding when the runoff tds dropped below 900. I have never checked ph or tds runoff since I started feeding. I use jacks 321. I wait until the ,eaves droop telling me she wants water then I water/feed until I get a good amount of runoff. She is now 6 ft tall and flowering nicely. Your ph for soil going in should be 6.5 or close to it 5.8 is for hydro. Your tds meter may be faulty. Can u borrow one or take yours to local garden or grow shop and check it against one known to work properly. Mine reads silly until I get it wet and shake it off a couple times.

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They look fine. Some strains just grow low and bushy.

Time to start feeding, probably. FFOF is good for 4-6 weeks before adding supplemental nutrients - you’re right on that market at 4 weeks and idk if Happy Frog has as many nutes in it as Ocean Forest does so it may have dragged that average down.

Agree with @Allinherhead though, you’re best off checking your meters against meters that are verified accurate (or spring the dough for meters that can be properly calibrated and will hold for a while, such as a BlueLab or Apera meter) and checking your readings again. A soil slurry test may be in order to see if your tds in the soil is really as low as your runoff is reading.

PS the one thing I do see is the leaves appear to be a little heat or light stressed. I’d raise your light up a bit if you haven’t already done so.

What’s your light? It’s not 2000w that’s amazon false advertising.

Your plants look good, your light is keeping them short but don’t worry they will grow and stretch you could dial. It down a bit for a week or raise it if you wish watch how much they stretch don’t let them. Go beyond a 1/2 inch between nodes or branches. They will stretch at week 4-6.

Your tds meter should be fine but 500 seems really low.
Ph run off is not accurate in soil so don’t bother.
YouTube how do conduct a soil slurry test and take a sample from near below the surface.
The probes suck don’t use them waste of money as you found out.

Ph to 6.5 as your in soil, coco and hydro is 5.8.
If the ppm of water is below 200ppm no need to Ph, but always pg after adding nutrients.

Your leaf damage is normal. It’s just a lower leaf and touching the water or soil may have done it no sweat plants look healthy. Pretty short and stocky but much better then big and lankey.

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Your right i had read the description wrong, Its the mars hydro grow TSW2000 led light.

When you do feed, do you just give A good soaking with the fertilizer solution?

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I did raise my light recently because the leaves were looking a lot worse, which is what i thoguht my orginaly issue might be.

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Every time I water it’s with full strength jacks and I water it til I get a good amount of runoff. The plant in 10 gallon bag of happyfrog gets at this time about 4 gallons every other day or if cooler or rainy maybe every 3 days. I wait for the leaves to show a lil daytime droop tellin me she is thirsty. It’s just what I been doin not necessarily the way it should be done. Mine is in full sun all day no shade til evening so drinks a lot.