New Grower with limited resources need a lot of HELP

This is a goldfish bowl but any clear dome will work.
Also good for ICU when they are runty and slow.

Done bro


CONGRATS it’s a bouncing baby plant.

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Thanks bro
For how many day should i keep them covered?
One of my seed traveled sideways and came up from there
I took it out and placed in center
Will it survive?

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I have also used vermiculite in my soil
Is it ok or not?

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I have never done all that. Just start in a red solo cup then in the 5 gallon bag

I usually dome mine for 10 days then have a fan gently blowing on them to strengthen the stems. Now watch the watering just a couple of ml for awhile.

Yes that is fine.

Awesome! Use a spray bottle and mist the inside of the dome. Your on your way!

Yes bro im doing that
Hoping for the best to happen
Have gotten my hands on 2 more seeds
Northern lights auto

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Glad to hear that
Have 2 more seeds of northern lights auto
Have ordered one more light too
Happy growing

Ditch the cardboard and buy a tent before you catch your place on fire. But if you must lol when first starting hold back on feeding till they have at least a few sets of leaves. Bigger pots means bigger flower’s, better soil means less feeding. I use general hydroponics the full line up. But advice on feeding use half of what they say till they get bigger and show no signs of over feeding ,get a pH meter if you don’t already have 1 . Rule number 1 pH your water always at least until you figure stuff out. You are only going to get what you put into it . Your going to get low results ,a 5.5 x5.5 space you should have a 1000 watt HPS or a 4000 watt led your light most likely is around 85 true watts which is not enough to get much of anything .

Bro you are right but we dont have grow tents available in my country i have to order them from china and they will charge me a lot of custom duty for it
Thats why i went for this setup
I will make my own custom grow tent in future

Bro i have both soil and water ph meter and tds meter too
What should be the ph of water?
You are using flora series?
I have flora series trio and calmag+
For soil i have perlite, peat moss, vermiculite and compost mix

And yes bro i have ordered one more light as well
Im going get a hps light in future
First i want to practice my growing skills before investing more
Im on a limited budget

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pH level: 5.5-6.5 this is safe zone. I tend to go for 6.2-6.5 the plants will take in more nutrients at these level’s there’s a chart out there somewhere? And yes I use Flora series but the performance pack , I have a chart for that 1 it might help? Send me a picture of your setup and I can give you a few pointer’s.

Get a cheap thermometer with humidity level so you can check your temps and stuff.

I sent you the wrong chart cut those numbers in half…on the Flora series it’s pretty simple I can just tell you. Micro 3-5 ml per gallon,grow 3-5 ml per gallon,bloom 3-5 ml per gallon cal mag 2.5 ml per gallon . When they are small use the lower numbers as they get bigger raise up the amount by ml , once they start to flower lower the number of grow by 1 ml per week once flowering starts and make sure to mark down everything during your grow so you know for next time. If you have any questions let me know I will get back to you as soon I can happy growing .

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Guys this one turn to be a bit weak
Is this ok?
Its critical Kush auto

May want to get a piece of bamboo or some kind of smooth stick and prop it up. Keep it close to the light so it doesn’t stretch and fall over. Just gotta see what happens.

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She looks too far away from the light.

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