New Grower with limited resources need a lot of HELP

Hehehehe sure i am
I was just confirming am i doing it right or not
I spray them 2 3 sprays after 24 hours
I have custom made super soil myself
Upper parts was a bit towards dryness but after 2 3 inches it was moist enough

@Ussi they claim two plants would be fine for my tent. I have the Mars-Hydro TS 1000 kit. I personally do one plant at a time tho.

@Ussi and also, all u can do ATM is sit back and wait. Don’t overwater. Less is more. What type of soil are u using? I have Fox Farm Ocean Forest and I use Fox Farm liquid trio nutrients. The soil kept my plant fed for 5 weeks, once it hit 5 weeks, the nutrients were depleted from the soil, that’s when I started feeding her. I used a third of what the bottle recommended.

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@JiggaMan1987 bro im using my own soil mix which is
3 parts peat moss
3 parts compost
2 parts perlite
1 part vermiculite
Ill surely try not to over water it
Im from pakistan we dont have much stuff available here
For nutrients i have flora series and calmag+


@Ussi Nice, I wanna start making my own soil too. Sounds like ur all set if u ask me. Ive never used the flora brand for nutes but I’ve heard other people say it works fine. Cal-mag plus is good, I just ordered some myself the other day. It sounds like ur good to go honestly. Now u just need the better light. Like I said, Mars-Hydro has great led lights. The TS 600 is 85-100 watts and the TS 1000, which is the light I use, is 150 watts, and it works great.

@JiggaMan1987 @Deepsix
Guys mars hydro light are costing me 130 for shippng only till my country so its out of question now
Im sharing a link
I have got this light in 850w
I can get it in 1200watt now
Please have a look and help guys

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@TMKC bro these are great lights indeed but these are getting way out of budget as shipping is very high

Yeah I wouldn’t pay $130 for shipping. That’s basically as much as the light costs. I watched the video and read all the comments and reviews. I’m very iffy about buying stuff from AliExpress, I didn’t even wanna buy anything from Amazon cuz I have heard stories of people getting their orders and they end up not being the light they were supposed to get or the site lied in the product descriptions and info. Like I said before, I find it hard to believe they’re actually made with Samsung diodes and they’re 650-1000 watts for the price they’re asking. But, I have never ordered those lights so I could be completely wrong. They might be great lights. Some of the comments tho lead me to believe the lights aren’t that great. Some people were saying that the lights aren’t strong enough for the plants in bloom. The decision is yours my friend. I believe u get what u pay for, so I don’t like to buy cheap. I’m willing to pay a little more knowing that the products are worth it. The lights don’t look bad. I say order a cheaper model and see how it works. If it seems decent, go for the best model they have. Sorry Mars-Hydro is charging that much for shipping.


@Ussi if u can fit two of those lights then I say do it. It is gonna raise the temp tho inside ur grow box. But if u have two of those lights at least, u might just be alright. $130 for shipping is disrespectful :joy: I am willing to pay like I said, but not if the shipping is gonna cost the same as the product itself. Two lights and maybe a couple more small fans and I think u should be good to go

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Bro this one fan is more than enough for the time being
Yes im looking forward to add one more light but that i will but of 1200 watts which can give a bit more light

Yes the shipping charges are awful rest the light is not that expensive
Roughly by adding shipping and all its costing me 300 dollars

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I’m at day 4 of seeds in soil
Still no sprouting
Misting them once in 24 hours
Temp around 22 to 26c
Humidity around 70 to 80

Anything else i should do?

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This is one of the hardest, most stressful phases and we are in the same boat my friend. I currently have one very sickly looking sprout barely above ground and one seed that refuses to crack and start a tail. I am sending good sprout :seedling:vibes eastwards, I hope they reach you. :pray:

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I truly agree bro
Glad we are on the same boat

Btw what method did u apply for the germination?
Glass of water or paper towel?
I soaked mine for a bit too long
Then into soil without the tail out
Did u use hydrogen peroxide?

I soak in plain water until it sinks. Then goes in wet paper towel and plastic bag in the dark. Usually sprouts a tail within a few days. This time no sprout/no tail but it has been wet a long time. I placed in the soil and am hoping for the best. Giving it a week or 10 days now before giving up.
Oh, and no peroxide.

@Deepsix @Graysin

Is this what i think it is?


@Ussi and so it begins…

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They are so cute when they are babies! :seedling:

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Looks like she’s coming up for air! :v: