New Grower with limited resources need a lot of HELP

Yes buddy they are going good
Will update the post tonight with pictures

I want to buy nutrients
Please guide me which ones to go for
Fox farm? Or any else?
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I recommend Jacks 321. It’s good for seed to harvest. It’s also the cheapest, but I assure you it grows very well.


I’m on the jacks321 bandwagon also. It’s great stuff

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Also recommend Jack’s 321 if you don’t wanna go big. Do what I did buy a 7lb kit from ebay

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Literally anything but Fox Farms.

I’m not sure what you have available easily but yes. In order
Jacks 3-2-1,
Advanced Nutrients,
General Hydroponics
Anything else
Fox Farms (seriously you’d be better off making compost tea every day than using this stuff, unless you want to buy the entire line and follow the schedule to a T.)


I’m team Jack’s too

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Guys i have flora series with me at the moment
I see everyone using fox farm thats why i thought maybe its good
I’ll look up for the one you suggested

i use jacks as well but i’m very interested in the following nutrients.

earth dust, which is an organic two part formula to be used with soil. you top dress part a in the beginning of veg then part b in the beginning of flower and that’s it. plain water throughout the whole grow. it’s a living soil regimen.

grow dots. a set and forget style nutes that are time released and made for cannabis. it has dots that breakdown quickly and give the required NPK in veg, then a few weeks later the dots containing cal mag break down and feed the plant. then the dots containing PK breakdown towards the end of the grow for flowering. the low maintenance aspect of this really interests me.

since you have nutrients, use what you have and learn what your preferences are.

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I’m actually about to reboot the Grow Dots/No Dots test again over the weekend. My 2 autoflowers sprouted tails at the same time so they should be within a day of eachother again.

My autoflower in the Grow Dots is doing stellar and I just moved a Zkittlez into Grow Dots to test my growing style against the grow dots (actual “forget it” versus “set it and forget it”). She’ll veg for 4-5 weeks, then flip to flower so I can capture 1-2 weeks of the higher N in the grow dots and transition to the bloom phase of nutes as she finishes her flower stretch. I won’t be supplementing Zkittlez at all but she may get the occasional Jacks feed because I’m not doing a controlled experiment with her, just an idle curiosity.

For what it’s worth, thus far I’ve been very impressed with Grow Dots. They aren’t too hard on my plants (no nute burn) even when I do feed with Jack’s water (my Blue Dream auto is in grow dots but I forget because I can’t see them on the surface of the coco).


Don’t forget @alienofasoul his grow right now is amazing using the grow dot


Lol, I feel the same way about fox farms nutes!


I will probably join the Jack’s bandwagon this summer with some fresh soil. It seems to be the go-to for many great growers in here.
I would not recommend this unless you just want to experiment but I have been using the Frankenstein/living soil approach lately. I have a haphazard mix of compost/used soil/plain dirt/sand/peat moss/perlite that I think I just got lucky with. My plants love it and it still accepts pretty high PPM feedings without sign of nute burn or build up. My nutes right now are Humbolt’s Secret part A(4-0-1)+B(1-4-2) and Miracle Gro Bloom Booster. Everything I have heard says my plants should be :poop: but I have used Humbolt’s at full strength along with 3 or 4 times the listed amount of the MG and my girl barely has burned tips. I have put over 2500PPM on her and she sucks it up like nothing which is surprising since the MG is pretty high N (15-30-15). The high N only shows up as dark green foliage. I adjust solution Ph to 6.2.

Guys what organic thing can i add to then besides nutrients?
Is it recomended?

Trying to find how to get there,iv gotten a couple things off thingyverse before.i usually model my own in Inventor and convert it. Wanted to see how you were doing them…not that happy with ones I have. I couldn’t get time and just ordered some on Amazon…but trying to make time now

So guys here is the day update
Today is the 6 day

Mazar kush photo

Pakistan valley

Northern lights X big bud

Amnesia photo

Colombian ryder

How many day do i have to put the dome on?

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I keep the dome on until the leaves touch the sides of it.


covert has you covered! looking good. keep it up


Hey @Ussi, ur doing a great job so far. I try to keep my grows as simple as possible. I personally go for Fox Farm, I use the liquid trio nutrients and ocean forest soil. I’ve had no issues at all. I don’t germinate seeds, I plant them directly in the soil and a few days later they sprout without issue. The plant stays fed in the ocean forest until week 4-5, then I start adding the liquid trio at a half dose and move up thru the weeks.

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So fox farm is doing good for you
Bro im also trying to keep my grow simple
The problem is i don’t have many resources available in my part of the world
Even if they are available they are costing a lot
So I’m trying to source some from other countries through friends or relatives
I actually have sufficient nutrients available for this grow
Just need them for the next grow

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