New Grower with leaves beginning to fall off

Hello everyone!

I’m a new grower with a 5-gallon bucket with soil & perlite. My plant has grown well in almost 3 months now, and i’m ~90% sure it’s a female since i’ve only seen mini preflowers start (correct me if i’m wrong, i can almost see male “balls” on one of the preflower areas?? I hope to god it’s a female after all this work…).

My plant has also had earlier problems with fungus gnats from overwatering, but i’ve been working on watering them less, added a top layer of diatomaceous earth & put up sticky fly strips to eliminate them as much as i could; not sure if they’re still around but i’ve seen 1-2 still in soil last week.

In the last 2-3 days, my main problem is that i’ve now noticed that my lowest set of leaves have started to decolor, wilt and fall off. I have just started its flowering phase yesterday and don’t want this to be a larger issue down the road. I hope this is simply a natural occurrence to eliminate lower leaves that don’t intake much light & bringing some nutrition upwards, but I came to you guys since you know best.


That’s normal.
Your plant is lankey, no fan blowing on it?

I would suggest stabilizing it with a bamboo stick or something and some plant ties.

Is there holes in the bottom of that bucket? The 5 gallons of soil is probably about to be nutrient empty by now or getting very close.
You’ll need a nutrient line for flower and cal mag.

Hopefully you already have a PH pen tds pen and ph up/down


hiya nicky,

you’re right- she’s been through a bit already and already has a tower fan lightly blowing on her & a ceiling fan both ventilating and moving air around. she’s also had bits of stress when moving around to and from gf’s place, but the plant now will stay here stationary until harvest.

For my nutrient line, i’ve just started adding a teaspoon’s worth of Tiger Bloom from FoxFarms i believe to its water spray bottle, then i give it a generous spritzing every 2-3 days if possible.

However, i don’t have any measures so far with its PH, and i’m fine with getting a few bare minimum essentials from a hardware/garden store around to have what i need. What should i be getting? Still new, i apologize for not thinking PH was as important

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also, there are holes at the bottom
of the bucket (albeit 10ish smaller hole-punch sized ones) and i’ve been using cheap twist-ties together to stabilize the plant (if you can see them at the bottom - kinda goofy)

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Amazon will be your most cost effective way for a PH and tds pen.

Cheap oh pens can sometimes work pay a little more, often we recommend an apera PH20 kit with calibration fluid it’s an investment but really the most reliable low cost PH pen.
However some get away with cheaper ones so I’ll let you decide on that.

Knowing if your water is high in PH or low in PH is ideal probably high so you’ll need ph down.

I would advise against spraying the plant, leads to more issues then help majority of the time.

Mixing up some water with feed in it is how you should feed your plant, the ppm should be in line with the feed chart based in what week of growth your in of flower and then PH it to 6.5 since your in soil.

Now with nutrients they are salt based nutrients so 20% run off our the bottom of your pot is needed to avoid a waste salt buildup around the roots which will lead to nutrient lock out as those salts change the PH of the soil.
Hence your bucket will need drilled holes in the bottom/bottom sides of it and then sit it in a slightly larger container elevated.
Your run of is tested for ppm, noted and then tossed in the garden or the lawn if possible.

You’ll need a bamboo stick, or wood piece or something to stabilize the whole main stem as flowers build or it will bend from the top right over.


thank you very much for all of this information, where to start?

I’ll definitely look into these pens and grab the necessary ones - but what feed chart are you referring to? (If it’s something on this site, i may have skipped over it accidentally)

also, what do you mean by 20% runoff? as in i should flush my container?

and yes, thank you - i’ll get to finding some bamboo right away.


Bamboo sticks are cheap and available at your local garden center or hardware store but really anything will work a spare piece of rebar or wood whatever.

So 20% run off means 20% of the water you gave comes out the bottom of the container, keep feeding nutrients until that happens.

Here is fox farms chart.


perfect, this is everything i could’ve asked for. from a beginner to an apparent master of cultivation, thank you!

also, with the pics sent can you confirm it’s sex?

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ALSO — from the chart, i should start with the first sledgehammer flush w/feed?

Don’t use that product in my opinion just flush.

I’m not positive on sex yet hard to tell from those photos.

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New to indoors been outdoor small time for many many yrs id like advice on what i need have 3x3x6 box with led grow/flower light

Hey @Powderburn, the first couple days you will have a limited amount of times to post.

Your question is pretty broad
The first thing we try to advise is proper lighting, finding the true Wattage of your led light. 125w-300w, it’s not 1000w or anything higher that’s fake advertising Wattage you’ll want to know the true from the wall Wattage.

A 3x3 should fit 3 plants if your lighting is right, but plant count can be pretty personal some people run alot of small plants and some run 1 really big one. I would suggest 3 because that will. Give you some room until your skills get good and you can grow big plants. If it’s your first grow 4 will probably even work but again you need the right lighting otherwise if your lights small it will limit you to maybe even just 1.

Soil coco or hydro would be your next choice I don’t recommend soil due to pests love soil, plants also grow faster in coco.
Nutrients will be needed, we recommend getting a jacks 321 kit from eBay is a good start.
A tds pen and a good PH pen, apera sells a starter kit it’s the best value (PH pens cost more for a reliable one)
Some PH up and PH down will also be needed.

Do you have fans, and an exhaust fan for your tent?

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I have no fan or filter yet i am going to make list of what you suggested and get them on the way i appereciate your input thanks agayn my light has a fan but i believe its for the light

My tent is an old wooden cart schools used for tv and vcr security

Does this look ready