New grower with clones and seeds, having issues

hey every one,

first time grower here, a friend gave me 2 clones back at the end of June, at first they seemed to be doing amazing then kind of stopped growing really.
a few day after i got the clones i sprouted some random seeds i have been collecting for some time, out of 5 seeds 3 sprouted, they have grown surprisingly really well they’re probably twice the size of the clones now…

i’ve been using the healthy planet duel fuel 1 and 2, and the healthy planet ph down with a dropper to make sure everything is spot on.

can any one tell me what i’m doing wrong with the clones?

p.s. will post photos shortly

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What do have for light? They look light starved. I don’t think the 3 pointed leaves is normal. Maybe someone else can confirm.

They are wanting a lot more light if they where mine I would put each in a 5 gallon and put them in the bottom of the new pot and bury 6-8 Inches . And the reason they’re stretching like that because they’re looking for light

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What is your light schedule

i have 3 of these, going, im guessing that not enough…
would any one be able to give me a lead on cheap lighting, im a bit tight on money at the moment…

i was told to use 24 hour light

You need to get at least 50watts per sq foot what is your budget leds are cheap and work well

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i wont have much money until the end of this coming week, my budget would be about 100.00 Canadian right now.

i have a few 5 gallon i can put them in, would i be better to do that before the lights?
the room i have is 4 feet by 6 feet

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Absolutely they will still keep going till you get a new light I would get a timer and put them on 18-6 or I personally use 16-8 they need to sleep like we do you can go on Amazon and look at leds I use meizhi leds mars has a good one you need to think about Ventilation if you’re worried about smell

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If you had the extra money this would be perfect for you DLS 315W CMH kit closed style reflector external ballast


the smell i dont mind, i have a inhale co2 bag in the room that i was told to get as well.
instead of the agro-light would i be better of with the cfl bulbs (60 watts)

i was looking at getting the mars leds, though was tight for cash at the moment.
ill check out the one you linked for me.

thank you so much for help i was getting really worried


Welcome to our forum We have a Lot of great members that will be more than happy to help you all the way through along with staff just tag me if you need me thing like this @Hogmaster @Zigabara


There good for mow but they will take off I will tag you to one of my grows in 2 days they doubled in size

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awesome, for the clones do you think they would be okay in the pots they’re in? or put all of them in 5 gallons?

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If you don’t mind @Hogmaster, I will add my 2 cents with my fellow Canadian grower, :wink:

Hi @Zigabara, est-tu Québecois par hazard, I saw the french packaging for the light so I just wondering :grinning: Me I am…

Just for your information, the price of LED fixtures or CMH one are slightly higher at, however, if you order from .com, with all the surtaxes the present admistration in the US charges, you’ll finally pay more with the custom fees and surtaxes in most case than from .ca, except, of course, if you risk trying smoggle it at the frontier… :wink:

Unfortunately, ILGM had stop delivery in Canada, so if you need seeds or nutrients, you’ll have to buy somewhere else…

To respond to your question, yes, you should transplant them all in 5 gallons buckets…

Usually, you would need 1200 watts, true watts (consumption at the wall), not equivalent to cover your growing space, however, it’s unrealistic with your budget to even coming close to that… So don’t expect high yielding… If you get 50-60 grams from all your plants, it will be very good…

CFL can work well, however, if it’s the 13 watts (wall consumption from the wall, 60 equivalent watts) for the numbers you’ll need a lot of them and reflector too. you’ll also bust your budget of 100 CDN$ . And they run more hotter than a LED , so, like Hog mentioned, you’ll need to exhaust that heat…

Here’s a couple of CFL and LED option in your budget range or slightly higher

For vegetative stage you’ll need this

You’ll also need some like these for flowering stage, in about a month or 2, you probably could find them for cheaper…

Or 1 package of 4 of 5500 Kelvin like these for vegetative stage and 1 pack of 4 of the same wattage of 2700 or 3000 Kelvin for flowering stage.

And 1 pack of Y socket like these ( you need 4 Y socket,. Since you’ll have 8 CFL bulbs)

Or you can go with a LED like this one that have really good specifications

A Meizhi like Hog suggested

Be advised that these 2 last one only cover around 2×3 square feet of plant need pass this you’ll need a second one or some side lighting, your actual light fixtures could do the job, but bearly…

One 315 CMH in .ca

So, this give you an idea, for your budget range, of what you will need

If you have any questions, please, tag anyone of us, we will respond as soon as possible…

~Al :v::innocent:


They need more light for sure. A 300 watt COB Led on Amazon for around $120 US would do wonders. Target is 50 watts per square foot for Led. You can get by with 35 watts per but, yield will suffer. You have many options as your space is decent and odor is a non issue


Thanks @Niala and @Poseidon


Most welcome, sir!

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Yeah. more light. 250-300 watts are fine, you can go closer with the light. And you need bigger pots. 6 gals at least.
clones loves high humidity (65-70%) and low temps (24-27°C)


Not enough light…
Download the free grow bible please… :wink:


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