New Grower White Widow Autoflower

So this is my first grow using seeds from a seed bank. (ilgm white widow) A few years ago I decided to give it a try. I had been doing a whole lot of research and had been saving random seeds from my smoke and after a billion Youtube videos I finally pulled the trigger. I went gongho and planted 3 seeds. I used the paper towel method. It was in an open closet with cfl light bulbs, using FoxFarm soil and general hydroponics nutrients. Long story short 2 smoked(less than 3ozs between them both) and the 3rd was a male.

That brings me to 2020. This time I wanted to do it right(within my budget). I ordered 20 seeds from ILGM, white widow autoflower. Man I could not wait for those seeds to come and on April 1, them bad babies showed up in a little bubbly padded brown envelope. I could not wait to tear into it and get those seeds in some dirt.

In the meantime, I didn’t have anywhere for my girls to go. I ordered my tent but it was still a week out from being delivered. So I thought hey we got plenty of space in this garage and I have these pallets, how about a make something. So I did make a make shift grow tent that I thought looked pretty good but the next day the temp outside dropped (from being in the midwest) and I decided to bring my grow indoors to a closet.
So the first seed I dropped didn’t do anything. After 24 hours it didn’t sink so I pushed it down to see if it would stay down and it did. I got a paper towel and put the seed in there but after several days nothing happened. I probably should have just put it in some dirt anyway but I didn’t and I let it dry out. So now seed number two and that one popped using the same method. I am using Foxfarm soil with foxfarm nutes. I had already put soil in a 5 gallon pot and pre watered it so the soil was still a little damp.On April 12th I put the seed right into the 5 gallon pot, under a Recordcent dual-600 LED Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light 24/24. I also put a plastic shower cap over the top to keep the humidity in.

2 days later I had a little baby poking her head out. I mist her and kept her on a 24 hour schedule

On April 19, she was stretching out. I put A little stick next to her because she was leaning a little but she grew past that stick quickly. I still didnt water her yet I just kept the top of the soil moist around her roots and sprayed her.

On April 22 she is getting taller and more leaves. This is my first auto grow so I have not seen for myself what they can do. So super excited. Still just misting and keeping her roots moist.

Here we are on the 28th and I gave her her first feeding and some sunlight… 5tbls of Bloom and 30ml of Grow in a gallon of water. I may have over fed or over watered but she seems to be doing fine.


Sure looks good so far. Great job !!


Thank you so much! This is my first autogrow and first time using a tent. I am loving it!


Welcome to the forum. You plants looking good and you will fine all the info on this site. And ILGM is the best one to me . Work’s great for me.:beer::beer:


I definitely set to watch this one!! Looks really nice so far.

I’m personally starting a train wreck of a first grow, so I’m stoked to see how much your second improves over your first. Good luck man!!


Take it easy on the nutrients. Fox farm soils, especially ocean forest, is a pretty rich soil. I use it too. I have also grown WWA and it is a very hardy strain and can tolerate some heavy dosing (which I also did). Have you looked at the Trio feeding schedule? The max application rate for Big Bloom is 6 tsp (not tablespoons). The general feeding direction on the bottle is in tablespoons. I believe the general consensus on the forum for those using FF soils and Trio is to dose at 50% the first couple of feedings. Keep a close eye on her for nutrient burn or other signs of distress.


If you are using Fox Farms soil, you should not be feeding anything for at least 4-6 weeks. There is already enough nutrients in the soil to last at least that long and maybe longer. Just my opinion. I am tuned to watching and gonna tag along, that is, if you don’t mind :v:


Welcome ! congratulations looks like a fine job.


Day 19 May 2 and she is filling out.

There is a lot of foliage underneath, Should I trim up the bigger leaves?

I topped her and have been trying to gently bend her so the leaves underneath can get some light but she just turns back to the light. .

@beardless and @repins12 I am going to hold off on the nutes. I found a spot on one of the leaves. Is this nutrient burn?

My other 2 seedlings didn’t make it. I am having so much problems with germating and I’m wasting seeds.I plant them even with a tap root and they grow with a helmet head and they don’t recover. I have some no name seeds that I will plant next until I can get my germantion skills up. My seed in my Pot 4 a Pot finally poked her head thru so day 1 for her. She did have a little bit of a helmet head but I was able to get the seed and membrane off. SO hopefully she is good to go.


You mean like this

Her she is a few days ago. She survived and has some odd leaf formations. Checking on her today and she has another set of leaves and has actually topped herself into 2 main stems.

Probably from when watering. Should not be an issue. I would hold off on trimming. If you do any LST then that may be the time in order to reach the lateral branches.


@keegrows I had another person @Bubblehead on the forum suggest 6oz water 1/2 oz hydrogen peroxide and all of my seeds cracked and then you place the cracked seeds in a damp papertowel with the water mix for 24 hours until tail comes through. Mine only ended up taking 12 hours each process and look great so far! He said his success rate was 99% I would give it a shot! @Bubblehead might have some more suggestions for you!


Hey @keegrows, that day 19 photo looks really nice!! Good work man!


@betrayedsoul @interlu @scylents @beardless @repins12 @kellydans @mirandalilian

Day 21 and to me it looks like she is just spreading out. I did cut off 5 fan leaves. I just felt the foliage underneath needed light. I haven’t watered her since the nutes because the dirt is still a little moist so I’m thinking of just doing a plain water watering tomorrow and start her on a 20/4 light schedule. Any suggestions on changing the lights? I have another light to use for my seedlings so they can stay on 24 hours for now.

My little seedling in my Pot for a Pot is stretching out. I can see the new tiny leaves trying to form. I am using the bottom of a water bottle to keep her with humidity. She is going to be a straight water only grow. Has anyone done a water only grow or compost tea grow? I want to grow more naturally.

Again thanks everyone for all the compliments and advice. It’s much appreciated!


Thanks for the tag ! your plant looks healthy you might raise your light a little bit can help a plant to stretch upward.

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Ok thank you for that I was just looking at other pics and the plants are slot taller at 20 days! Thanks!

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Raising the light might help like kellydans said. I checked my records and 4 white widow autos on day 21 were 5.5" and 7.0" At this stage they can add 1-2" a day.


Some plants tend to be short and bushy an wide leafs especially if they’re heavy on the Indica side of genetics.


Help please! So my seedling in my pot for pot is not growing. Any suggestions?

@Mirandalilian @beardless @scylents @BetrayedSoul @kellydans

Hey all so it is Day 24 and I went ahead and trimmed her up. Let me know what you guys think. She only about 4.5 in.


holding her down with staples?