New grower what am i doing wrong

can someone help me please. im a newbie and trying to figure this out. can someone tell me whats going on here.

Need more info what do you think is wrong?
There is a support ticket that will help everyone help you.
One question i have how old is she and how much light is she getting seems real small but has lots of leaves

she broke ground halloween. im using a 300 watt led a foot from the top but i just raised it up like a week ago. i water every 2 days the light is on a 17/7 cycle on a timer. i just started putting nutes to her about the same time i raised the light. im thinking the light was too low. im getting ph strips this weekend but my water is pretty nuetral

my fertilizer is 15 30 15

What brand of fertilizer? Can u also send a pic in natural light so we can see the true color of yur leaves

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Uploading… Uploading…

Cities often mess with chemicals in the water lines like chlorine and stuff to kill algae and flush the lines before winter. My ph went up to 7.5 recently after being 7.0 forever.

I see edge burn so too many nutes for it now. Think of the soile its in. If it’s a pre fertilized soil adding more can give nute burn.

Don’t let it get too wet.


i couldnt get them to load in the forum

You got nute Burn .Use only phed water for awhile . And PS. that plant is to little to be feeding her yet …so yes its burnt a little .

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Like @Hammer SAID to young the soil should have everything she needs for two or more weeks. Fox farms soil can feed most plants for most of Veg if you want


I would put that LED about 24-30" above that seedling…tight nodes are nice but you need some space in there too

thanks alot, that was one thing i was trying to avoid was it getting
stringy. im trying to get some of it figured out before my chocolope seeds
get here. i’ll move the light up some more and flush her out maybe that
will help. thanks again

I would lean towards over watering with a pot that big and a plant that small… A 2 or 3 gallon pot only gets watered every 3 to 4 days and that’s with a 3 foot plus tall plant…


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On your next grow ,mix some perlite into your soil , keeps it from packing too much,and aerates it.